Student Spotlight: Iakeem Alston

Photo courteous of Iakeem Alston
Photo courteous of Iakeem Alston

To adjust to a new environment with new conditions can be challenging and stressful, but Iakeem Alston has embraced the new opportunity in front of him. The 6’2 senior out of Baltimore, MD understands that with change comes with uncertainties, but with change also comes new possibilities. He also understands that when you possess a special ability to excel in a certain sphere, you have to make the most of it.

Alston, the newest addition to the UWG Men’s basketball team, knew this at an early age. “I’ve been playing basketball since about 9 years old,” said Alston, “starting with 9 and under AAU (Amateur Athletic Union).”

Alston’s college career began at Sheridan Junior College in Wyoming, leading his team to an impressive 51-13 record and a share of the Region IX North title. After a two-year stint at Sheridan, He traveled to St. Bonaventure in upstate New York. He played in 29 games and made five starts for the Atlantic 10 school.
While Alston made solid contributions for the Bonnies, he knew that his role at St. Bonaventure did not match his upside as a basketball player. “It wasn’t the best place for me from a basketball standpoint,” said Alston. “I didn’t see as much playing time as I thought I deserved.”

Alston weighed out his prospects and decided to come to UWG to play continue his basketball career as a Wolf. Alston needed a place where he could display his skills on the hardwood, but he also yearned for a place that felt like home that. UWG granted him that wish.

“Something that convinced me to come to Carrollton was the coaching staff,” said Alston. “They took me in as a family member since the first time we met.” Alston spent the summer adapting to a new campus and new community.

He was able to ingratiate himself with fellow students, cultivating relationships with his peers. For Alston, the people and the food have been exceptional in Carrollton, saying that Steak and Shake and Sam’s House are his favorite eateries. “My former school (St. Bonaventure) is nothing like UWG,” said Alston. “The campus here is way bigger and the food choices are a lot better.”
While Alston acclimated to new his surroundings, one might raise the question: How will he fit on the UWG basketball team? Obviously, he knows his work ethic and talent. But Alston needed to a team that would allow him to play his game. No holds barred. Alston knew that he was on the right team from the start.
“I love my new teammates,” said Alston. “They understand my ability and they let me lead them. They are also patient with me.”
To have amicable teammates only solidifies Alston’s decision to transfer to UWG. The chemistry on the court was apparent with the Wolves, winning their first two games by a total of 66 points. Alston made his presence felt already this season, averaging 11.5 points and 4.5 rebounds in just 17 minutes per game.
This is a small sample size, but this production should continue. Alston’s confidence is supreme and palpable, as it should be. He would not have transferred if it wasn’t.
“On the court, I’ll bring leadership, defense and on offense I’m being aggressive,” said Alston.
His goals for this season: “Win the conference tournament and try to make a run in the NCAA tournament”



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