Success Seminars at UWG

The success seminars at The University of West Georgia inform students on how to be successful in college. The seminars are a great way for students to gain knowledge of how to make their college experience productive, but also fun.

UWG’s success seminars are offered 11 to 12 times each semester. They are held every Tuesday and Wednesday at 4 p.m. at the UCC 312. The seminars start around late August and end in the beginning of November. They are aimed to help students prepare for college and provide tips on how to be successful.

Every year, the success seminar staff comes up with a theme that students might be familiar with. There are a variety of themes offered for students such as study skills, time management, learning styles and beating stress. The study skills seminar gives students tools on how to study more efficiently so that they will succeed in their studies. Time management gives students tips on how to manage their time wisely in college so that they will do well. Learning styles talks about how students should find out which learning styles best suit them so that they will succeed in their studies. Beating stress informs students on how to overcome any anxiety or stress in college. Other themes such as improving writing skills, applying critical thinking and preparing for final exams gives students insight on how to work effectively and efficiently in their courses.

The success seminars give students tips on how to make good decisions so that they will be able to graduate.

“Most students are structured in high school, and the whole point is to get students thinking about college in a different way than they thought about it before,” said Keri Allen, assistant director of the success seminars. Not only does the success seminar make it informative but they make their meetings fun so that students will enjoy the experience and won’t feel like they are in a classroom.

There are different speakers that talk to the students each week. “We try to get speakers that have expertise in each theme. We also try to find dynamic speakers who are passionate about students so that they will be interested,” said Allen.

The success seminars are a great way to help students find a major in which they are passionate about. “I had a student that was an accounting major, but hated math. His parents made him do it,” said Allen. “Our seminars are a great way to help students realize that parents have their best interest but it’s what the students are mostly passionate about.”

The success seminars target incoming freshmen and sophomores, but welcome all students of UWG to come and listen. “ I honestly feel like [the success seminars] will help me be a better student,” said Tiffany Williams, freshman. “I really want to survive my whole four years in college.”



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