Summer Movies You Have to See: Part 2

Summertime is always when the biggest and most anticipated films hit the silver screen, and this summer is fully loaded with what are sure to be some of the biggest blockbusters of the year. Here are five more movies you should make a point to see on the big screen.

 1. Iron Man 3 (May 3) For the Marvel fans out there, the wait for the next installment of the “Iron Man” series is almost over. Robert Downey Jr. once again stars as the charismatic genius, Tony Stark, who sets out on a vengeance filled campaign to destroy a new enemy when his home is destroyed and his loved ones are put in danger. Comic book movies have been quite the trend lately, with many of them being extremely disappointing, but some of them have done well and even less have the popularity and the charisma of “Iron Man”. I don’t think there is any other actor in the world that could play Tony Stark better than Robert Downey Jr. His performance in the previous two films was nothing short of fantastic and I have a strong suspicion that this one will be no different.

2. Fast and Furious 6 (May 24) If you are waiting to see “Fast and Furious 6” chances are you have already seen and love the previous five movies. For someone who loves cars, it doesn’t get much better than the “Fast and Furious” series. The newest film brings Dom, Brian and the rest of the crew back together but this time, they are teaming up with bounty hunter Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) to catch a man attacking military convoys. Let’s be honest, as far as the “Fast and Furious” movies go, when there were fewer tuner cars, wings and street glow the movies got more appealing to a larger audience. “Fast and Furious” and “Fast 5” were a positive leap in quality for this franchise and this one is looking to follow suit. So if you like fast cars and action,“Fast and Furious 6” is very unlikely to disappoint.


3. After Earth (June 7) When you think of M. Night Shyamalan’s movies you often think of “The Sixth Sense”, “Signs” and “The Village”–scary movies with a huge plot twist at the end that leaves audiences talking about them for months. Then comes “After Earth”, a movie about Cypher (Will Smith) and his son Kitai (Jaden Smith) who crash land on Earth 1,000 years after catastrophic events have forced the human race to evacuate the planet. During the crash, Cypher is injured and Kitai must venture out for rescue on a planet where everything has evolved over time to do one thing–kill humans. Just when you think movies are starting to be repetitive and uncreative, something original and intriguing comes along.


4. World War Z (June 21) This June is going to be a big month for the zombie fanatic in us all. “World War Z”, an adaptation of the book written by Max Brooks follows Gerry Lane, a United Nations employee who must leave his family behind in order to find a way to stop the world wide pandemic that is turning people into flesh eating zombies. With the interest in zombies and apocalyptic scenarios at an all-time high, there is much anticipation about such a high profile movie based on what was once a campy, slow and shambling creature that has recently turned into a horrific villain that even a seasoned horror buff will have nightmares about.


5. Pacific Rim (July 12) What could be more epic than giant dinosaur-like aliens battling huge robots piloted by humans for control of planet Earth? Not a whole lot, if you ask me. “Pacific Rim” is the story of an alien race that has come to Earth through a portal in the bottom of the ocean. Instead of hiding and accepting defeat, the human race built robots hundreds of feet tall that could be biologically controlled by pilots to fight them off and save humans from certain extinction. If you are looking for an action packed, high-budget movie full of state-of-the-art Hollywood special effects, this is your movie to see. 



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