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Taylor Swift Drops Newest Album, Midnights Topping Charts in First Days

Multiple genre artist Taylor Swift dropped her latest album at midnight on Oct. 21. The album is a form of soft pop, a genre Swift is no stranger to. Her fanbase known as the ‘Swifties’ expected Midnights to be a rock album as Swift has hinted at that genre before. Still, the fanbase adores her little subtle hints at the new music being released.

            Before Midnights released, Swift began a TikTok series called “Midnights with Me.” These videos revealed each song title one by one out of an old fashioned lottery ball machine. She released one song title every other day leading up to the album’s release. The album has been three years in the making and fans are thrilled with what she was able to create.

            The first song on the album is titled “Lavender Haze.” The song has a quick tempo and a nice beat to it. The phrase ‘Lavender Haze’ is a slang term from the 1950’s meaning to fall in love. It is an all encompassing love glow, according to Swift. “Lavender Haze” talks about how Swift fell for her current boyfriend and that she wants to stay with that feeling.

            The third song is the next one that stood out to me; it is also my favorite on the entire album. This song is titled “Anti-hero.” The mood of the song is very dark; it talks about how Swift self-loathes and feels like she is always the problem in her relationships. Swift chose “Anti-hero” to be the song that hits the radio first. The song is relatable to a host of fans and has begun to go viral on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels.

            One gripe I do have about the song “Snow on The Beach feat. Lana Del Rey” is that Del Rey does not have much of a part in the song. Her voice is drowned out by Swift; Del Rey is barely in the song. The song is beautiful, don’t get me wrong. I just believe that Del Rey needed more of a part than what she was given.

Another song I had an issue with would be “Vigilante Sh**.” This song did not stand up to what I had expected from Swift. The entire song is about getting revenge yet trying not to start drama around your relationships. She’s explaining that she knows when to end relationships with people regardless of what the relationship status is. Personally, the song is very lackluster.  It has only a beat with no background music behind it. The songs that she writes that include only a beat are songs that feel lazily composed.

The only other song that I truly enjoyed is “Mastermind.” The song is cute and gives a lot of fairytale love vibes. Swift discusses how she met her current love and that it was destined to happen. She plans so far in advance to make anything happen; it is never accidental.

            Overall the Midnights album did not fully stand up to my expectations. It has a couple hits but only one I will listen to outside of the album itself. Swift outdid herself with the easter eggs and the secret code words throughout the past three years. This album would be great for anyone who enjoyed the 1989 era.



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