The BanWeb Failure

Before this article is written let me just say that I don’t hate Banweb. I actually like it a lot more than the daily parking struggle at the University. What I do hate is this notion that Banweb cannot be improved. With proper attention to detail and care it can be improved. The fact that someone can attempt to login and have time to go get something to eat without any progress is nothing short of pathetic. Just being able to login without the internet crashing would be an improvement.

Every student should know the routine by now. You set up an advisement appointment and get a list of classes that you want to take next semester. Then you get your registration date and a set of instructions on how to register. Then comes the really fun part: you stay up until midnight thinking that you’re getting the jump on everyone else. You try to log in and run into an internet traffic jam. It turns out that you weren’t the only one staying up to register for classes. And now you‘re sitting there, typing in your login information and hitting the enter key until you eventually get into banweb 30 minutes later. And the best part: there’s a strong chance that the class you wanted is now full. Don’t you just love banweb?

When it comes to banweb and the registration process, the University has to do better. There’s no reason why thousands of students should be in the equivalent of a foot race for 20 seats in a class. Come on now, 20 seats? UWG you have to do better than 20 seats for a class that’s only offered once or twice per year. As much as students are paying for tuition these days you bet the University has to do better. Also the process of registration is nothing but pure chaos. A student has their list of classes, their time to register and are left in a free-for-all to get those classes. It’s like running blind into a haystack trying to find the needle.

To put it lightly, banweb is a technological abomination of the highest order and needs an alternative. But unfortunately, there seems to be no end in sight. Next semester it’s going to be the same thing with the same frustrations. And you’d think after constant failures and shortcomings in this department, the University would at least do something to improve the registration process. But it just gets worse and worse every year. One day, a student will try to login to register for classes and their laptop will just burst into flames. Or worse, students might start getting robbed for class seats. UWG, please do right by the students and do better.



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