The Blue Heron Art Studio Welcomes New Students

The Blue Heron Art Studio in Carrollton now offers a range of pottery classes available to people of all ages three days a week. 

Emma Swales

The Blue Heron Art Studio in Carrollton now offers a range of pottery classes available to people of all ages three days a week. 

The studio is located at 138 W. Center St. in Carrollton, Ga. and has been open since 1991. The owner, Melanie Drew, says that pottery is a great hobby to invest in. She encourages Carrollton locals to attend her pottery classes held at the Blue Heron Art Studio on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“On Tuesdays, I have two daytime classes,” said Drew. “I split them up to fit into people’s different schedules.”

Drew values the importance of having a flexible schedule and letting people work at their own pace. The pottery classes begin at 4 p.m. allowing students to have time after school to attend. 

The Blue Heron provides a class for children, teenagers, and adults. The children’s class is held at 4 p.m. and the teenagers follow at 6 p.m. The day finishes off with the adults, beginning at 7 p.m.

The classes are split by age group, but Drew explains that each class has a different personality and students are able to choose the one that fits them best.

Although the classes begin at scheduled times, Drew urges students to stay as long as they want and to always stop by to practice when they can. Students are welcome to drop by the studio even on days it is closed. 

“I never put an ending time on the classes, I just tell the adults to lock it up on your wayout,” said Drew.

The Blue Heron encourages everyone to join the pottery classes, regardless of age or skill level. The classes give people the chance to get involved and come together to meet new people and expand their creativity. 

“I’ve started anywhere from 4 and my oldest student was 104,” said Drew.

There is a $15 session fee for each class attended. Students have access to carving tools, throwing wheels, a kiln and other art materials. Students also have the opportunity to sell the work that they make.

“I like to encourage when someone is ready to sell their work,” said Drew.

The Blue Heron is involved with tons of events year-round in Carrollton. Drew, as well as her students, have sold pottery at the Cotton Mill Farmers Market, the Dream City Market and at the Art Festival of Carrollton.

 “It is easier to create as a community,” said Drew. “People need to interact and have something to do with their hands.”

These classes bring people together and allow people to find new hobbies and skills. Drew describes pottery as a skill that takes time to master but is well worth the time and effort. The Blue Heron offers all the needs necessary in transforming students from novice to advanced. 

Drew starts by teaching beginners how to hand-build with clay. This technique helps students become more comfortable making pottery and preparesthem for the throwing wheel and upper-level crafting.

“It is definitely doable, and people really enjoy it,” said Drew.



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