The Brumbelow takes on UWG

The Brumbelow at West Georgia is a new apartment complex that is scheduled to open by August of 2017. This complex, located at 227 Brumbelow Road, used to be occupied by the Rivers Edge apartments. Due to poor management, along with several other factors such as maintenance and crime, River’s Edge was foreclosed on and has since been replaced by The Brumbelow at West Georgia. Chip Fife, who owns several other successful apartment complexes in the Atlanta area such as the Lenox Woods Apartments,  has bought the complex and has renovated it as well. 

“We renovated the whole entire complex,” said Britt James, Property Manager of the Brumbelow at West Georgia. “They went in there and gutted the whole place, so each unit is going to be completely brand new.” 

Each new apartment unit has four bedrooms and two bathrooms and is going to have new appliances, and be fully furnished as well. The pool and lounge area will also be renovated and be complete with multiple grilling stations as well as flat screen TVs, a pool table and a gym area. 

Along with a new owner, The Brumbelow is under new management by Century 21. Due to the high crime rate at the previous Rivers Edge apartments, The Brumbelow is making strides in order to ensure the safety of its residents. 

“Our goal is to have a safer community, which is going to be strictly for West Georgia students,” said James. 

The Brumbelow will also have an off duty police officer living in the complex in order to help maintain the safety of the community and its residents. The complex plans on having a good relationship with the residents but also plans on being firm on maintaining the quality of the complex as well as the residents. With Century 21 being the new management company of the Brumbelow, they hope to be as successful as its fellow Carrollton communities under the same management. 

“We manage South Ridge, we manage The Cottages, and we’ve had great success with those. We haven’t had any issues with crime or delinquencies,” said James. “We review each tenant and make sure that they are a good fit and someone that is going to represent the university, as well as the community.” 

With the ever expanding number of students growing each school year, The Brumbelow has an agreement with UWG housing. This agreement gives on campus students the opportunity to live at the Brumbelow as an alternative living situation if the on campus facilities fill up, following that they pass a safety inspection administered by the University. The Brumbelow is taking to social media in order to spread the word of the opening and is also running a leasing special for $395 a month rent per person which will end shortly. In terms of location, The Brumbelow is located right off campus and is a short walking distance. The Brumbelow has high hopes for the future and prosperity of its community and its residents for many years to come. 



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