The Sound of a Woman hits the streets of Atlanta

Photo Credit: Billboard
Photo Credit: Billboard

Atlanta has been fortunate enough to host countless outstanding musical performers in the past years—exposing its inhabitants to the culture and vivacity they crave. Even our state’s capital continues to be a major hub for touring artists from all over.

Atlanta was lucky to provide a stage for up-and-coming pop diva Kiesza and her incredibly talented fellow female vocalist Betty Who on March 30 as the duo kicked off their three-month Sound Of A Woman U.S. tour. The collaborative concert at the Center Stage Theater showcased the artists’ performances of various tracks from each of their newly released debut studio albums.

Australian indie-pop vocalist Betty Who, internationally known for her viral hit single “Somebody Loves You,” lit up the stage as the opening act. While tossing her cropped platinum blonde hair as she boogied down, Betty Who performed several wonderful 60s, 70s and 80s style dance tunes from her new album Take Me When You Go. With a fun Pink Lady-inspired jacket, wispy black skirt and platform sneakers to match, her undeniable talent, upbeat personality and overall charm entranced the many eager fans she had dancing and singing along in the crowd.

Between songs, Betty Who took the time to communicate with her adoring audience members, asking engaging questions and complimenting their hairstyles. At one point in the show she even accepted a special gift from a fan—a hand-made jersey style T-shirt with the words “Mrs. Styles” printed across the back to show Betty Who’s endearing fandom for One Direction singer, Harry Styles. After kindly thanking the fan for the custom shirt, she put it on and posed for a picture. As if her superb voice and obvious love for entertaining were not enough, Betty Who’s seemingly natural ability to bond with her audience really made for a fantastic concert experience.

Following her outstanding set, Kiesza graced the stage to show Atlanta exactly what she was made of; she performed songs from her album Sound Of A Woman. Kiesza is best known for her single “Hideaway,” which gave the Canadian singer a spot on the U.S. radio charts in 2014.

Kiesza’s 90s pop-influenced dance party tracks produced an electrifying sensation of nostalgia that spoke to the crowd’s dozens of excited millennials through impressive vocals, bright, flashing lights, an abundance of technical hip-hop dance moves and a whole lot of synth. The song that seemed to draw the most energy from the audience was her collaboration piece with world-famous DJs Diplo and Skrillex called “Take Ü There.” The club-dance track brought a lively rave-like dynamic to the intimate Center Stage.

One of the most noteworthy moments in the show was when Kiesza slowed things down by performing her cover of Haddaway’s “What is Love,” as a soft, heartening ballad. Her unique rendition of the song, which she performed alone with just a keyboard and a microphone, allowed her to showcase her true proficiency as a musician.

Overall, Kiesza and Betty Who delivered an all-around incredible show. Based on their mesmerizing musical abilities and innate stage presences, it would be impossible to tell that these ladies are only on their debut records. If this first concert was any indication of how the remainder of the Sound Of A Woman tour will be, the rest of the country has a lot to look forward to.



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