The Government Shutdown: Why I Fear For Our Future

capitolThe government shutdown continues and it seems as if there is no end in sight. House Speaker John Boehner and President Obama meet everyday and cannot come to a consensus on a single issue when it comes to the government shutdown and the debt ceiling. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they couldn’t compromise on what to eat at the White House, but I digress.

Speaker Boehner wants to continue funding the government, but only if there is a compromise about spending cuts, especially entitlements and the Affordable Care Act. President Obama refuses to compromise under these measures, especially when it comes to Healthcare. In the eyes of the President The Affordable Care Act is the lasting legacy of his presidency and he will refuse to negotiate on that issue, but when it comes to entitlements the President will not back down just yet, because there are interest groups that contribute to the democratic party that cater to the elderly and their benefits.

If Obama bends on the issues the elderly will have to suffer the upmost. The majority of our spending is on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The system is highly effective and is great for Americans all across the country, but the spending that is taking place is out of hand.

I’m currently 22 years old. By the time, I turn 32 there’s a strong possibility there will be no social security for me to reap the benefits of. The President and House Speaker need to figure something out. Some ask who has the upper hand in this situation when it comes to the government shutdown or the debt ceiling? Honestly no one has the upper hand.

There are Americans suffering due to the economy and the government shutdown. Government workers furloughed, parks, and offices closed. Many fear that they will not have a paycheck for this month due to what is taking place in Washington. Americans want something done as soon as possible, and when I say something done Americans want something long term.

Every time a big issue comes to the senate or congressional floor there is always a short-term fix, pushing back the big issues every other month. That’s not going to work if we want to be a prosperous nation. As Americans, we voted these people into office to help and represent the people. For some reason politicians forget the true reason why congressional leaders are in Washington.

Last time I checked, they represented the people not what’s best for their political parties. Americans overwhelmingly, do not want a government shutdown or have the balance of their finances in the hands of politicians that are supposedly working for us. It’s amazing to see how politicians change once in office, becoming more out of touch with the people that voted them into office.  If government gridlock continues not only will I worry about my future, but I will also fear for the future of our nation.

***Darryl Forges is a senior and Mass Communications major at UWG. Forges is an aspiring multimedia journalist, he is actively involved with the UWG campus media outlets. Forges is the News and Sports Director of the university television station, UTV13. Forges is also the Producer and Host of The Power Hour on The WOLF Internet Radio.



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