The Gwinnett County Health Fair

The Gwinnett County Health Fair, sponsored by the Gwinnett Daily Post, took place at Best Friend park located in Norcross, GA. on Saturday, Sept. 7 

This health fair, which takes place in multiple cities across Georgia,  is a free community event that focuses on informing and serving the community by bringing awareness to certain health and wellness conditions and free and low cost health screenings. The event also works with local programs that cater to those individuals looking for more physical and mental support. 

“The purpose of the health fair is to bring more education to the community, and to offer free health screenings to members of the community that have little to no income or to those that are underinsured,” said Noreen Brantner, the Director of Events at the Gwinnett Daily Post. “Everyone, regardless of what they are able to afford, deserves to know their health status and who they could contact to help better it.” 

 Some of the many health services that were provided at the Gwinnett County Health Fair included: breast exams, flu shots, blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol screenings, weight management, and physical exams. Other vendors that were present for awareness purposes were: Capstone, a program that focuses on mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, Partners Against Domestic Violence (PADV) which provides help and a safe place for those dealing with domestic abuse, and Four Corners, which is a primary care center that offers affordable healthcare for those uninsured or those do not have access to any insurance. 

Brantner also said that many people in the community may have underlying conditions because they cannot afford annual doctor visits. 

 College students may not make consistent doctor visits because of low finances or because they are unaware of what is going on with their bodies, yet, with convenient resources and easier access to different testing this could change. Not only did the health fair provide health screenings, but they also provided different services that focus more on the mental state of an individual. 

For the students at The University of West Georgia who need certain testing and cannot afford regular doctor visits or for students who are inconvenienced by the campus health center availability, the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce will host the West Georgia Health Fair on Oct. 5 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Amp in Downtown Carrollton. There will also be screenings and informational vendors provided. Admission to enter is completely free while all vendor screenings and testing will be only 25 dollars. 



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