Photo Credit: Rhenia Russell

The Man Behind The Artist

Photo Credit: Rhenia Russell
Photo Credit: Rhenia Russell

Garrett Bell has many things in the works before he is set to graduate in April. Besides hosting his own show on UTV-13 titled “The Artist,” he is busy producing visuals for his YouTube channel and gearing up to release a free album.

Bell is a Mass Communications major, with a concentration in Film and Media Arts. He also minors in Film Studies.

He received the name “The Artist” from professor Sonya Barnes, who nicknamed him “The Artist of UTV-13” for his creative ideas. The pilot episode of the show will air Jan. 27 on UTV-13 and continue throughout the semester on Tuesday nights.

According to Bell, the show is for any type of creative person.

“It could be a musician,” said Bell. “It could be a blogger. It could be a singer. It could be a dancer. I bring them in and then I just get to know them as a person and then I also get to know what their art is.”

So what is art? Webster defines it as “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.”

“Art is subjective,” said Bell. “What you may think is art someone else may not think is art. Art is in the eye of the beholder. I think art is when you do something that you want to do. When you create something, that is art. If you take something and you make it something, that is art in my eyes.”

With “The Artist,” Bell hopes to show his support for his peers while encouraging others to do the same.

“In our generation we need people who are going to support what we do,” said Bell. “That is literally all we need. We know how to get the money. We know how to use our resources, but we just fail when do not have anybody supporting what we do. Because if nobody is supporting us, we feel like there is no need to do it.”

Bell is also in the process of releasing music videos through his production company, LOV (Living Out Visions) Productions. The videos are a part of his free album and Bell will later put together these videos to make a short film.

“I have this music project that I am working on that is also a short film,” said Bell. “It is one long song and it is fifteen minutes long. Then inside of that fifteen minute song, it is seven individual songs that have their own visual.”

After all of the visuals have been released, Bell plans to edit them together chronologically to create the short film, titled “That One Song.” He told of an interesting strategy and goal for the release of the visuals.

“I am releasing all of them out of order,” said Bell. “Before I release another one, I try to get 100 views on the first one. The whole goal of this is to be taken more seriously as a film maker and a rapper.”

All of his work can be found on his blog at where he gives further explanation on the inspiration behind the releases.

When speaking on his future plans, Bell said that he ultimately desires to make LOV Productions a big-name production company.

“When everything is all said and done and I am 50 years old, I want to have my own building where you can record music, shoot videos and take photographs–urban and professional. Literally everything multimedia can be done in that building.”



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  1. Very phenomenal artist! His music is inspiring and life changing. He stands out as an artist because he refrains from profanity and vulgarity, yet encourages listeners to be God fearing. I can definetly see him “taking the game by surprise.”

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