The son of a UWG Hall of Famer living up to dad’s legacy

Tim McClain Jr., son of UWG football Hall of Famer Tim McClain Sr., is currently an Economics Major and multi position player on the school’s football team, and has goals of being his own boss to donate an indoor turf facility to his neighborhood in Valdosta, GA. 

McClain was introduced to the game he fell in love with by his dad, who played linebacker during his tenure at West Georgia. Teaching his son everything he knew from a defensive mindset made his offensive impact that more dynamic. During his time at Valdosta High School McClain played outside linebacker, safety and running back. 

“I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder because I am undersized,” said McClain.“I had to lead the way for my younger brothers.” 

McClain has younger brothers that look up to him to learn what it takes to be successful at the high school level as well as making it to play at the collegiate level.   

“I stayed in shape for football by playing sports year round by participating in basketball, track and wrestling,” said McClain “I often biked three miles to school to get summer football camp.” 

Staying in good condition throughout the year helped Tim become an overall better athlete. 

“I feel my style of running as a running back is a mixture of the two premiere talents in the NFL, Sayquon Barkley and Ezekiel Elliot,” said McClain. “I have the tendency to run like Sayquon when I’m in the open field looking to make the defender look foolish, by leaping over them, and I have a more Zeke style when the offensive line is blocking well and can hit the open hole.” 

Football to McClain is more than just a sport, it is very therapeutic for him. 

“I like to describe the game of football as a vent for me,” said McClain. “The field is a place where I can let go. It’s all instincts out there.”  

While being a student-athlete at UWG, McClain has encountered a lot of opportunities that has better prepared him for a potential career after college, and has received respect from his peers by being a student athlete.  

“Football has put me in places I would’ve never thought I would have gone,” said McClain. “Because of football I have become a better all-around person.” 



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