The Wolves capture Adamson Square

The University of West Georgia is taking over Adamson Square Friday, Sept. 25 with this year’s “The Wolves Capture the Square” homecoming pep rally, and organizers have several hours of entertainment planned for students, alumni and other attendees.

The pep rally will be held 6:30 p.m. at the AMP in downtown Carrollton. The event will start off with a few words from Mayor Wayne Garner and Dr. Kyle Marrero, University President. Afterwards, attendees can look forward to a greeting from Coach Will Hall and the UWG football team, as well as entertainment from the marching band and cheerleading squad.

“We’re going to have the marching band play a few songs and the cheerleaders do a few cheers and shoot out shirts to the crowd just to get everyone really excited for homecoming,” said Emily Teitelbaum, assistant director for student events and programs at UWG.

Following the pep rally, the Velcro Pygmies will return to Carrollton to perform from 7-10 p.m. The band plays a variety of music ranging from Journey to Neil Diamond to Ice T.

“We’ve used them for the past few years,” Teitelbaum said. “They were such a hit the last couple years that we decided to bring them back. They’re an 80’s cover band that has a lot of energy.”

Students are also ready for the events taking place during homecoming weekend.

“I’m a commuter student,” said senior Kristian Hammond. “But I’m really excited for the pep rally. I want to see what the marching band has up their sleeves this year. I’ve also heard the Velcro Pygmies are great. Having a concert for homecoming is an awesome idea, and really gets every student, even the commuters like me, in the UWG Pride spirit.”

Even former students are excited for UWG homecoming.

“I used to go here, but even so, I am excited for the pep rally,” Ashley Hickey said. “I’m glad they have them in public. It really gives a sense of community for the campus and the town of Carrollton.”

For convenience, a shuttle will run between campus and the pep rally from 6-10 p.m. Attendees can catch the shuttle from the UWG bookstore, the UCC and the Z-6.

The Student Activities Counsel, the UWG Alumni House and Carrollton Mainstreet are sponsoring the pep rally.



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