The World Abroad

Studying abroad is a way of exposing students to different methods of learning material in a new atmosphere. Students from the University of West Georgia are given the chance to experience the life of students in places like China, France, and London. Studying abroad is done in semesters as well as any given breaks in school such as spring break and students must go through a process before being accepted into the study abroad program at the University of West Georgia.

Senior Tenijah Hamilton is one of many students that faced the question of studying abroad and came to the decision to pursue a higher education in a foreign place. In Hamilton’s case studying abroad was about more than just the educational aspect.

“I chose to study abroad as a way of seeing the world in a new light and to broaden my horizons,” said Hamilton. She has wanted to study abroad since learning of it early on in her college career. Hamilton is spending the fall semester studying Mass Communications in London. Although studying abroad has perks, it also holds some reservations for students like Hamilton, most stemming from being thrust into an environment unlike the one here at the University of West Georgia.

“There are a lot of cultural differences between this country and my own, but a lot of things are universal and that’s reassuring, “ stated Hamilton. “School has always been a safety net for me, I enjoy it and although I am in a foreign setting which is a bit scary school is the universal component.”

The fear of being in a new place was quieted by the enthusiasm and drive that Hamilton has to reach her goal of impending graduation and her need to see the world. Hamilton will in the spring semester of 2015 following Christmas break.

Hamilton admits to some hesitation before making the finally decision to further her education and advises other students in the situation to truly make sure that they are strong enough to withstand all the new and sometimes crazy things a foreign country has to throw at you, prepare arduously.

“If I was given the option I would definitely choose to stay in London longer after my studies have been completed,” says Hamilton.

In Hamilton’s eyes, school is a bonus when she thinks of her semester in London. She gets to pursue her education in her opinion one of the most beautiful cities England has to offer to tourists. Study abroad forms , times, and applications can be found in the business office.



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