TheWOLF Celebrates its 3rd Birthday at WOLFstock with Live Music

Three years ago, WOLF Internet Radio was founded by a few students and led by faculty advisor Dr. Bradford Yates. The young radio station is celebrating the anniversary with its annual WOLFstock concert.

The free event will be held at 4:55 pm on Thurs., April 4th in Love Valley (weather permitting). General manager Shawn Isaacs says that the weather appears to be their enemy this year as the backup location is Hanger Gym.

The highlight of the event will be performances by live musicians. This year, there are five bands and a live DJ who will be performing until 11:00 pm.

Brain- On their Facebook page, Brain describes themselves as “A revisit of 70’s progression warped through a time machine into the realm of modern rock.” This is the most serious description of their music you will get from the band. The influence of 70’s rock is definitely heard. The lead singer’s high, vocal-chord bending notes, hail back to Robert Plant and Brain’s single “Hum” sounds something like a modernized Led Zeppelin tune. Brain is loud, Brain is energetic and Brain is rock.

Mike Motter – Mike defies the notion of genres and subgenres when describing his music. “There’s rock and punk and metal. I play rock.” Mike Motter’s view is refreshing and comes out in his music. His songs are fast, passionate ballads about things like relationships. His articulate voice is a nice contrast to the nasally, incomprehensible lyrics sung by most modern rock groups. You can understand his songs, which is nice, because they’re good. The singer-songwriter’s tunes are catchy. You’ll be humming one of his songs later on in the week.

Mile Train – At any given night in and around Carrollton, you can probably go and hear Mile Train, or someone from Mile Train at a local music joint. These guys are the definition of gritty, hardworking blues musicians. Front man, lead singer and guitarist David Pippen actually teaches guitar as well. His skills with classical and flamenco guitar, converging with true delta blues style songs, make for a unique listening experience. The latest incarnation of the band is fairly new, but plays together like family. These guys are talented musicians who love what they do.

The Burning Angels – Coming all the way from Athens, GA, bring some contrast to the WOLFstock lineup. They are an Americana rock band, with some heavy bluegrass influence. This is another band that just loves music. The singers, Mark Cunningam and Kelly Hoyle Fuller, mesh together in that unique bluegrass type of harmony. Andrew Vickery is basically assigned whatever instrument they want to add to their repertoire. The talented musician switches instruments throughout the set, slide guitar, mandolin, electric guitar, whatever the song calls for. The influences of Bruce Springsteen shine out, especially in the singles from their upcoming album, which was inspired by The Boss. The Burning Angels play soulful American music.

All The Locals – Tearing up the Atlanta music scene.  All The Locals are up for a Georgia Music Award for their unique sound. John Schmarkey writes funky blues rock songs. The upbeat, swinging, bassy instrumental music, combined with John’s shaky, passionate, bluesy voice makes All The Locals stand out. The success the group has enjoyed recently, with shows in L.A, NYC, on NBC’s alive morning show, and a performance at Atlanta Braves games, gives hope that there is still a desire for great music.

This year’s WOLFstock promises a few things, regardless of Mother Nature’s plans – free food, great music and a great time. Happy birthday to The WOLF.



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