Photo by Tiffany Robinson

TheWOLF’s Power Hour Presents Political Debate to UWG

Photo by Tiffany Robinson

As the election approaches, University of West Georgia students of different political backgrounds can engage in a bipartisan discussion through Wolf Internet Radio.

Ryan McCann, senior and liberal co-host of The Power Hour, encourages students of any political affiliation to tune in weekly to the interactive radio chats.

“The primary focus of The Power Hour is to talk politics from a college student point of view. We really want to get students involved in politics who normally aren’t interested in it. The Power Hour consists of debates between myself and my conservative counterpart but also we have many interviews with students from SGA, fraternities and sororities as well as many different and unique student organizations. Our number one goal is to get people involved in our show who normally don’t feel like their voice on politics is being heard,” said McCann.

The election coverage provides political insight from students representing both parties at divergent standpoints. Students can stay attuned and well informed to the policies of each presidential candidate.

“We have centered our show around the election this year by having on students of both political ideologies so our listeners can get both sides and decide how they will vote on their own. We also discuss the most up-to-date political issues happening each and every show, including the Presidential Debates.”

Students can tune into The Power Hour every Tuesday evening through Wolf Internet Radio which can be accessed online. The true motive of the show is to also let students realize their voice and vote matters in the current election. McCann said the mistaken notion of college students is that their vote does not make a difference.

“Students should definitely tune in because we always make sure to keep it balanced politically and allow them to make their vote count by knowing who they truly want to vote for. I love working for the Power Hour and hearing from fellow students because our age group is always the least likely to turn out to vote and think our vote doesn’t count when that isn’t true at all. If you get involved and are knowledgeable and you cast your vote, your vote matters,” said McCann.



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