TITLE IX and its Responsibility to Students

Title IX is responsible for ensuring University of West Georgia complies with applicable laws and policies regarding discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion or any other characteristic protected by institutional policy or state, local or federal law.

Title IX is a law that was written and put into place in order to provide equal rights for students. Students are not to be discriminated against based on their race, gender or any other aspect that makes them who they are. Title IX was created prior to the 1970’s in order to ensure that women received equal educational opportunities. Before this law was passed women had little access to educational programs because at the time women hardly still had rights. In 1972, the law was passed by Richard Nixon.

Title IX also protects students against sexual harassment. UWG’s Title IX states that the word “sexual misconduct” will include but is not limited to, dating violence, domestics violence, non consensual sexual contact, sexual harassment and stalking.

Cory Hindsman is an advocate for UWG and is licensed in counseling. He is there to walk through each step with the student and provide support. He is also there to check on their mental well being and make sure that the students’ needs are met.

“I am here to make sure that each student feels comfortable and knows that whatever they may tell us is all confidential,” said Hindsman. “We are here to help each student that we come in contact with and we hope to make an impact on their lives.” 

If someone is sexually assaulted, students can report it to the police and or the University. If someone is to report it to the police and medical attention is required, health services will then be notified by the authorities. Under Title IX and funding from the state, students are able to receive the medical attention they need free of charge. A student who has been sexually assaulted is covered under Title IX and is able to face the situation at hand with people by their

side. All personnel will be notified and proper actions will be taken. 

In order to create a safer environment for the students here at UWG, Terri Walthour and Erin Williams are both coordinators for Title IX. They ensure that students know their rights and make sure that every student is being treated equally. If a student is to endure any type of sexual misconduct, harassment or discrimination they are to report it to either Walthour or Williams. Students may either email them at erint@westga.edu or twalthou@westga.edu or can call their office phone at 678-839-3801. 
Students should not be hesitant to report any issues they may be facing during their time here at the University. There are resources available for students and people that they may talk to. Title IX is a law that is meant to protect students and students need to be more aware of this law that is in place for them.



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