Tools to Become Employable

       Career Services provides a wide variety of tools and programs to better prepare college graduates to enter the workforce after graduation.
      Whether students need help building a resume, preparing for a job interview or looking the part, Career Services has some form of programming to help them get through these issues.
      One of these many programs offered by Career Services is its career exploration appointments that will help students find a career to strive for.
      “In this type of appointment students can explore job opportunities that are available within their field, then pursue those areas for a career,” said Kevin Robinson, Office Manager for Career Services.
Another form of assistance provided by Career Services comes in the form of a resume review in which its staff members will review a student’s resume and give them tips on how it can be improved. If a student does not have a resume they can set up an appointment and the counselor will give them the information needed to create one.
      “If students choose to have their resume reviewed we would be happy to schedule them an appointment with one of our staff,” said Robinson. “We also offer walk-in hours where no appointment is required for resume review.”
Another thing Career Services does is host job fairs where students can meet with potential employers about internships and jobs. The next job fair hosted by Career services will be on Sept. 25 in the Campus Center Ballroom and will focus on careers that are geared toward accounting and finance.
      Career Services also helps students prepare for real interviews by offering mock job interviews.
      “These appointments are geared to students that have an upcoming job interview. The student would come in dressed as for an interview, and meet with one of our staff members who would interview them as if it is for an official interview for a job,” said Robinson.
       Career Services also helps students who can’t afford a proper job interview outfit, the program is called Wolfie’s Wardrobe.
     “We have attire that students can come into the office and get,” said Robinson. “There is no fee involved and the outfit is theirs to keep.”
Finding a job can be overwhelming, especially when you are about to graduate. Career Services is there to give you the tools to find the opportunities that are right for you.



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