Tory Lanez drops Mixtape “New Toronto 3” as final project with label

Canadian rapper and singer Tory Lanez dropped his last project with his record label, Interscope Records, at midnight on April 10. This is the artist’s fifth album since being signed to Interscope in 2015, with his most recent project being dropped five months earlier, Chixtape 5, Lanez has shown no signs of slowing down and also dropped singles weekly before releasing New Toronto 3. Before releasing it, Lanez would frequently play his unreleased music in the background of his Instagram live videos, “Quarantine Radio”, which he used as a platform to promote his mixtape.

            In the few days his mixtape has been released, Lanez has around 55-60K unit sales. It should be noted that Unit sales are down by 20% for  any artist, according to Noah Miller (@iamnoahmiller) on Twitter. However, he has seen a 90% boost in his Instagram subscribers since starting his Instagram live series, which was smart considering the purpose was a marketing tool. Lanez told his followers prior to the release of the mixtape that there would be something for everyone on this project. Many could listen to this mixtape and get some enjoyment out of one of the sixteen songs on the tracklist.

            Lanez opens up his album with the first track, “Pricey and Spicy”. In this song, the message he sends to the listeners is that he’s going to be independent for the foreseeable future. He raps about how he’s been in the game for over 10 years and plans on being in the rap game a lot longer. Lanez’s favorite track on his mixtape, he talks about his life and childhood. His past relationships and his life back home in Toronto, Canada are referenced. Lanez has been through a lot in his life, moving to Atlanta and Miami as a kid, dropping out of school and being sent back to live with his grandma back in Canada before she kicked him out and he was homeless before his music career took off. It’s no wonder that’s the rapper’s favorite song on the mixtape.

      One of the singles Lanez dropped before the official release of the mixtape was “Who Needs Love?”. This song implies that the rapper’s past left him with a changed perspective of women and relationships. He raps about money-making him happy over anything else. Overall this album is forty-four minutes long, despite having sixteen songs on it. One could easily listen to the whole mixtape-album during a gym workout as extra motivation. Or for a road trip. This project turned out pretty well and Tory Lanez has a pretty decent discography, with this being his latest addition. New Toronto 3 is worth checking out for any hardcore rap fans and even casual music listeners.



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