Two UWG Students Warm Hearts and Bodies through Homeless 100 Mission

Good karma is spreading throughout the University of West Georgia thanks to two students. Akilah Roberts and JaClara Moore created Project Smirk, an organization dedicated to philanthropy. The new organization is spreading smirks in the form of aid to the Atlanta homeless for the upcoming winter months.

Their mission, entitled the Homeless 100, is the process of collecting 100 pieces of winter clothing and personally them to the homeless community of Atlanta.

“The idea of spreading smirks across a community started by taking a look at the many students who walk about campus every day,” said Roberts. “Looking around, I saw a lot of students who appeared stressed out or overall unhappy.”

Project Smirk was founded on the principles of Gandhi, which states, “People must be the change they wish to see in the world.”

Roberts took to this concept and came up with the idea to begin an organization that would advance the quality of living in others, as well as themselves.

“Smirks are contagious and effortless acts that we can share with others,” says Moore. “While the act is free it is extremely rewarding.”

In just weeks, Project Smirk grew from an idea into an organization that has changed things immensely for Roberts.

The organizers are using social media and word of mouth to advertise the new UWG organization and The Homeless 100 Project. Other students have jumped on the good-karma bandwagon and have become involved in the organization. Even teachers have responded positively to the project.

Moore and Roberts said the process of collecting 100 pairs of socks, coats, hats, and gloves could be a tedious task for some, however, they are managing well.

The Homeless 100 project is only the first step of many for this organization.

The activists hope to grow the organization into one day taking their efforts internationally. In the meantime, both Roberts and Moore are planning their karmic legacy at UWG.

Project Smirk organization will be accepting donations until their deadline on Sunday, Oct. 20. They have plans to distribute the clothing on November 3 throughout the city of Atlanta.

Information regarding drop off locations or volunteering can be found at or by contacting




2 thoughts on “Two UWG Students Warm Hearts and Bodies through Homeless 100 Mission

  1. Great job ladies. Akilah, I’m happy and proud to know you. I know your parents are so proud of you.

  2. Both of you are making me VERY PROUD!!!!! Continue to do your BEST and God will do the rest!!! JaClara and Akilah you are BEAUTIFUL!!! Keep up the good work! Love YA Ladies!

    Mom 🙂

    Jamie P.

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