UTV-13’s 1 Up back for season three

West Georgia’s student operated video game show, 1 Up premiered for its third season on September 12, and will air a new episode every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. on UTV 13.  Episodes are also available on the 1 Up YouTube channel: 1 Up UWG. The show has grown considerably in its third season, adding new segments, hosts, and production staff.

The first two episodes of this season focus on Conference E3, an electronic entertainment expo. During the conference, video game publisher Ubisoft mentioned how they are creating their games to be more compatible with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo gaming systems. New to season three is a segment called 1 Up Originals, where the production team makes their own skits or short films in reference to video games.  In one of these skits featuring West Georgia Theatre actress Gabrielle Benson, a gamer has a dream that one of her games becomes incorporated into her everyday life. After she wakes from her dream about Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, she decides to tune into 1 Up. Joshua “Colonel Pork” Winters has a returning segment Colonel Pork’s Underrated Corner, which is filmed, edited, and produced all by the Colonel himself. This segment features games that are not heard of on the mainstream market, but are still worth catching a glance of.

Also new to the third season is the show’s expanding production team. The show has gone from only the creator Chad Brock hosting in the first season to including new hosts Akeeme Brown, Geordie Marlow, and Dewitt Harris in this season. In comparison to the first season, which was edited and produced solely by Brock, the third season now has a production staff of about twenty. This includes nine writers, five editors, and a small group of camera and technical staff. Brock stated, “Our master editor Adam Lovell is now the technical director.”

Viewers of the first two seasons might also a notice a change in 1 Up’s set in the third one.  As opposed to being filmed in the Campus Center game room, this season is being filmed in the UTV studio.  This change of filming location has allowed for another new segment called The Man Cave to be added. The Man Cave, sponsored by Monster energy drinks, will feature a different guest on each segment.

Upcoming events for this season will hopefully include an interview with the top Georgia Major League Gamer for Mortal Kombat.  Also, the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 tournament will be held in the Campus Center Ballroom on December 1. Whether they enjoy playing video games, or just learning about them, 1 Up is the prefect virtual haven for any West Georgia gamer.



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