UTV13 Launches Hispanic News

UTV13 launched their new Hispanic news segment on Oct. 17 called “La voz Hispana con Nancy Galo”, which translates to English as “The Spanish Voice with Nancy Galo.” Galo is a Hispanic UWG student with a passion for the local Hispanic community. The show aims to inform the Hispanic community on and off campus of what news is going on around them. The idea for the show stemmed from a project Galo did in the spring semester of 2012 in which she spoke Spanish.

Galo and UTV13 Production Manager, James Paul have been the key players in the Spanish news segment. They both saw the need to reach out to the local Hispanic community as well as provide something new and fresh to UTV13.

“I wanted a program that caters to the Hispanic community and I figured Nancy being able to speak Spanish was a perfect way to accomplish that idea,” said Paul.

The new show will air every Wednesday and Thursday at 5:30 p.m. on UTV13. Galo hopes to encourage the Hispanic community to seek information from their local community groups instead of traveling to organizations in Atlanta.

“The first segment is about some organizations here in Carrollton like the Latino Cultural Society (LCS) on campus and the Latinos United of Carroll County (LUCC) off campus,” said Galo.

The LCS is a student organization at UWG that focuses on the diversity of the Latin American culture. They place emphasis on things such as music, dances and the Latino people as a whole. The organization aims to promote and raise awareness about the diverse Latino Culture on campus as well as in the Carrollton community. LCS plans many events each semester ranging from Latin dance parties, where students can enjoy free Latin dance lessons, to “fun days,” where the organization simply comes together to enjoy things such as sports and games.

The organization’s website states, “We plan all of our social events with one goal in mind: to help the students and community learn more about the diversity of the Latino Culture, as well as its customs.”

LUCC is a local group in the Carrollton community that seeks to embrace the Hispanic community and encourage people to succeed in life. Their goals aim to strengthen the community, build bridges within the community, as well as encourage and empower Hispanics to succeed in whatever they choose to do in life. They also assist in helping people find homes, jobs and help provide healthcare to those without insurance or access to healthcare.

According to the group’s website, “Latinos United of Carroll County grew out of a necessity in our community. We understand that in order to see the changes that we want to see in the world, we must set up the example. We have had many struggles, but the satisfaction of helping our community makes it so worth doing the work.”



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