Photo courtesy of Darryl Forges

UWG alumnus to serve on Media Day panel

Photo courtesy of Darryl Forges
Photo courtesy of Darryl Forges

UWG alumnus Darryl Forges is presently an anchor at the Alabama News Network. Forges presents the morning news at 5:00 a.m. While most newscasters have several hours to compile a news package, Forges has, on average, only two. The pressure is exciting for Forges and is something he has searched for since the age of 10.

“I love the adrenaline rush,” said Forges. “When you wake up in the morning to do your job, you kind of know what you are doing, but you never really know what you are about to step into.”

Shortly after graduating from UWG, Forges was already accepting awards like best feature story by the Alabama Broadcasters Association and the Associated Press. Forges has interviewed influential subjects including Governor of Alabama Robert J. Bentley, singer/songwriter John Legend, hip hop artist Common, and media powerhouse and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey.

With his hard work and determination, Forges distinguished himself among his peers, and his network took notice.

“The network liked the way I did things so they decided to have me create this morning reporter position,” said Forges. “I’m the first morning reporter we have had in a long time… well, ever. The station wanted me to lead the way with this new position and that is what I have been doing for the past six months. ”

Forges wakes up at 2:00 every morning and is in the station by 3:30 a.m. until around 1 p.m. He presents the news at 5:00 a.m, 5:30 a.m, 6:00 a.m and, 6:30a.m. Forges then takes break before his next story at noon.

“I have to put a big news package together in a short period of time,” said Forges. “It’s tough and a lot of hustle and bustle to make it work but that’s what I do.”

Forges has always enjoyed multi-tasking. During his time at UWG, he balanced three jobs along with his passion for news. Forges held the position of news director, sports director, anchor, and producer for WUTV, then called UTV13, and also co-hosted “The Power Hour” at The WOLF Internet Radio, which encouraged political debate among students.

“I received a lot of notoriety on campus for ‘The Power Hour,’” said Forges. “I wanted to inform people about politics I wanted to make it more inquisitive and entertaining for people to enjoy the show when they tuned in.”

Forges was also a contributing writer for The West Georgian, and worked at UWG University Recreation, on top of holding down a job back home. After graduating in spring 2014, Forges sent his newsreel to network stations all over the country.

“I had to fight hard; I got a lot of ‘no’s’ or ‘we don’t like your look’; ‘you’re a little rough around the edges,’” said Forges. “All I ask of another station is to meet me, just meet me, because once you do and you interview me, you will fall in love with me and you won’t ever want me to leave.”

Forges continued to submit his newsreel until he received help from another UWG alumna, Catalina Trivino. At the time, Trivino was working for the Alabama News Network, and suggested Forges come in for an interview. After his interview the next day, he was offered a job as an anchor.

When Forges first arrived in Greenville, AL, he covered news in the three surrounding counties, a daunting task for a new anchor.

“It was like getting hazed – it was tough, but it made me a better reporter,” said Forges.

As a first time panelist at Media Day, Forges will discuss what broadcasting has to offer up and coming journalists, as well as emphasizing the importance of getting involved in student media while studying as an undergraduate.

Forges attributes much of his success to getting involved with WUTV and The WOLF Internet Radio while still a student. He gained vital experience and a drive to succeed during his time with student media outlets

“Media Day will help students because networking is key,” said Forges. “When all of these professionals and alumni come back to talk about their stories, it should empower students to push themselves, to put forth their best effort before they graduate. Students need to network because they never know this may an opportunity to get a job and start their career.”



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