UWG and the Leadership Development Institute

The Leadership Development Institute was held at UWG on Friday, Feb. 10. Held every 90 days, the Leadership Development Institute is a major part of the Engage West Initiative, an online medium for students, faculty members to find out what is going on at UWG. It is a way to help UWG succeed and a way for people to become more invested in the University as well as for the University to be more invested with the people. In order for the Engage West initiative to work successfully, the University needs to have a group of leaders that are well trained and engaged, which is exactly what the Leadership Development Institute is trying to achieve. The session of Friday was focused on “Student Success & Campus Climate-UWG Values and Strategic Alignment.” 

“To be the best comprehensive University in America – sought after as the best place to work, learn, and succeed, we must create an atmosphere at UWG in which all people feel valued, engaged and connected,” said Dr. Yves-Rose Porcena, UWG Senior Diversity Officer. “This LDI is designed to identify and strengthen inclusion initiatives that foster genuine and authentic connections throughout UWG and the broader community that will support our 2020 enrollment goals.” 

LDI is an effective way to teach leaders at the University of West Georgia the many skills that it takes to be an engaged and skilled leader. This Institute is designed for people of at least a director level at UWG, other levels would be assistants, supervisors, managers, etc. It is important for the UWG to have a great team of leaders as the University moves up and strives to become the best comprehensive university in the nation. Not only does LDI hope to make UWG more impactful around the United States, but internationally as well.  

LDI helps those attending in many ways that benefit them not only as a person, but professionally as well. LDI helps to connect leaders from all throughout campus, in a variety of different specialty fields. For those in a managing position at UWG, the Leadership Development Institute will help guide them to be able to help inspire those working under them.  

The Leadership Development Institute gives the leaders of UWG the skills needed in order to motivate those around them and help connect people at and around UWG as they strive to create a more inclusive UWG in the process.



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