UWG NAACP gives back to animals

The UWG NAACP Community Service committee volunteered at the Carroll County Animal Shelter to give back to the previously mistreated pets in the community on Saturday, Oct. 26, 2019. The animal shelter service event allowed members to see the real world impact on animals and be advocates for animal justice.  

“It was a great experience and I’ve never had a pet before,” said Victor President, NAACP member.  

Showing love and compassion for the dogs at the animal shelter is a soul cleansing moment that contributes to the greater good of the world.  

“Some of the dogs were nice but you could tell that some were over-aggressive due to their past,” said President. “Being able to take them out of their cages to pet them and walk them really does them good.”  

Teaching members the importance of community service can affect them for a lifetime. Along with teaching great moral values, it also gives a first hand experience of what it’s like to have a pet and know what to do. Committee leader Chalis Crocket is the man responsible for making the community service event become a reality.  

“I have certain events and then I have the main ones that I really want to do and I pick up the phone and start calling,” said Crockett. 

Because Crockett genuinely has a love for doing community service, he really doesn’t see his position as something that he must force himself to do, but as an enjoyable time.  

“As a whole, we enjoyed the experience of the animal shelter and will for sure be making another trip back,” said Crockett. “It’s like we have a connection with the dogs we walked, so the trip back is inevitable.”  

Since 1909, this great organization has been playing a big role in the New York community where it originated. After hearing stories from older members of the Carrollton NAACP it is only right that we pick up the torch that has been passed down and run with it past fulfilling what has been set before us and raise the bar to the next level.  

“As the semester winds down we will have more upcoming events, such as the soup kitchen and others, but one thing is for sure you can count on us making multiple trips back to the animal shelter,” said Crockett.   



1 thought on “UWG NAACP gives back to animals

  1. High praises to this young man! He is Milennial leader who always places others before himself. Moreover, he is committed to honoring these animals and the love in his heart is boundless.
    He is a “True Hero In Real Time”.
    Congratulations Chalis! You smile at the World and the World smiles back at you.
    James and Chiquita Quick

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