UWG Senior Awarded at Media Day

Senior Mass Communications major Andy Hendricks will be presented with the Gordon R. Watson Award on March 6 at Media Day. 

The Gordon R. Watson award is seen as a symbol of academic achievement for students within the Department of Mass Communications. Hendricks has been a model of consistency in regards to academics. His 3.9 grade point average is the highest in the Department of Mass Communication. 

Although many people will watch Hendricks as he receives the Gordon R. Watson award, most are unaware of how many hours of studying he has endured getting to this point. 

“I like to plan all my study sessions out ahead of time,” said Hendricks. “That way I know I have enough time to prepare. I used to procrastinate but this stops me from doing that.” 

Hendricks does not take any class for granted because he realizes that each one may possibly help him in his future workplace. 

“I think my time at UWG has prepared me to step in the media industry, said Hendricks. “Different classes such as the practicum writing for The West Georgian or getting my hands dirty with software has really prepared me for my next steps.”  

In a room surrounded by media professionals, Hendrick’s resume will surely impress a lot of people. Making connections with those in the media industry is crucial for a mass communications student. Although this may seem like a high-pressure situation, Hendricks remains cool. 

“This Media Day will be my last one because I graduate in December so I’m hoping to reach out and network some more,” said Hendricks. “From my previous experiences I think Media Day is a really valuable opportunity to talk to professional people. I don’t think of every interaction I have as an interview but instead I like to look at it as a conversation.”  

For Hendricks, it will take more than simple conversation to reach the career goals he has set for himself. Following graduation, Hendricks plans to enter the marketing field. His previous marketing internships have left a lasting impression on him. 

“I think I want to go into marketing because I have done some internships in that field before,” said Hendricks. “There are also some more internships that I am interviewing for right now, so I definitely just feel drawn to marketing.”  

Marketing has his attention now, but Hendricks has also taken up another form of media.  

Ever the opportunist, Hendricks created his own sports content based website when he realized the passion he had for professional sports teams based in Atlanta. Hendricks does not intend to have a career in the journalism field, but his academic talent will surely continue to provide him with plenty of options. 

“I’m really into professional sports teams who play in Atlanta,” said Hendricks. “I used to freelance write and edit articles about them on my own website as one of my hobbies.”  

If he stays on his current trajectory, Hendricks will be able to turn his hobbies into lucrative opportunities. 

As a young man hungry for success, Hendricks will be looking to make an impact in the media industry soon. Receiving the Gordon R. Watson award is only the smallest of steps in this long process. With the



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