UWG Soccer Player Named Gulf South’s Player of the Week

Susana Abundiz, forward for UWG’s women’s soccer team, was recently named Gulf South Conference Player of the Week. With eight goals under her belt and half the season being underway, it is clear to see why league officials chose Abundiz as the recipient. This is also the first player of the week award given this soccer season. Abundiz’s offensive performance so far in the Gulf South Conference games has been strong. Her eight goals assure Abundiz the most of any other individual player in the conference for the beginning of the season.

Abundiz best performance of the season occurred against Southern Wesleyan University, where the senior obtained her second hat trick of her career. This feat, one player scoring three goals in a single game, was the first hat trick for UWG in six years.

“To be honest, it was important to focus on my next move,” said Abundiz. “After the second goal, I realized I could actually get a hat trick.”

All three of Abundiz’s goals came in the first half. Hat tricks are a rare accomplishment, especially when all three goals are tallied early in the game.

“I wasn’t expecting it, but after it happened, I felt amazing,” said Abundiz.

Because of the hat trick, Abundiz believed it placed her in a better position to receive the award for Offensive Player of the Week, although she considers her game against Alabama Huntsville her most fulfilling game.

“I scored two goals that game, and I think it was my best game because of how hard I had to work to get them,” said Abundiz.

When it comes to pre-game rituals and preparing mentally and physically for a game, Abundiz has lucky grey compression shorts she wears for every game.

“I try not to depend too much on rituals,” said Abundiz. “I give 100 percent and see how it goes.”

Physical preparation comes from team practices, but mentally, Abundiz focuses on her opponent and her next move.

“Mentally I focus on the game by visualizing myself scoring goals and giving assists to my teammates,” said Abundiz.

The El Paso, Texas, native does intend on playing soccer professionally after graduation in the spring but is more determined to finish strong this season while spending as much time with her teammates as possible. Abundiz and her team will take on Valdosta State on Friday, Sept. 30, at Valdosta.




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