UWG Student, Military Wife Shares Husband’s Experience


Husband: Terry Womack

Rank: Sergeant (currently an E-5)

Branches of Military Served: United States Navy, United States Army

Q: How many tours or deployments has your husband been involved in throughout his military career?

A: Four tours including his most recent return from an 18-month tour from Iraq. He will retire in 1 year and 5 months in counting.


Q: What would you like to share about your husband as a military veteran that students should know about?

A: My husband began serving our country at the age of 18. He has travelled all over the world and is a proud American soldier. He has enjoyed being a representative of our United States of America and is a true example of what honor for our country means. He has a strong belief in God and is an honorable man who is committed to serve.


Q: How long have you and your husband been married?

A: My husband and I have been married for 12 years and we have two children—ages 5 and 10. We met at a mutual friend’s home and became friends immediately. He courted me with flowers, and took me out on respectful dates just like the perfect gentleman he is today.


Q: Your husband as a family man…

A: He is a family man and enjoys spending time with us which made it especially hard when he was deployed on an 18 month tour with only one two week visit. He goes out of his way to make sure we are happy. He is a great father, and he teaches our children to have honor and respect for others. He coaches our son’s sports teams and takes our daughter to ballet regularly.


Q: Your husband as a military man…

A: During his tour, he was slightly injured by a mortar round while on duty in Iraq, but he still has love for the mission completed. He was awarded many honors for serving while deployed in which I am very proud of.


Q: Are you involved with the Student Veterans Association on campus? 

A: As a graduate student living so far away from campus with two small children makes it difficult for me to participate in all of the activities the SVA organization does on campus. However, I think the organization is necessary and effective. It provides a voice and support for veterans who are often forgotten until November 11th, Veterans Day.

In my case it supports individuals such as me; to know the organization was there giving me updated information that pertained to veteran affairs when I was feeling lonely, worried and scared while my husband was deployed. Many do not understand the spouse of those who are giving their lives for our country, live with a knot in their stomachs until their loved ones return home safely.

I managed to make great grades at UWG during this time but it came with stress and anxiety attacks from not hearing from my husband during his deployment due to security issues, downed phone lines, bombings and work details that prevented communication. An article, such as this is a great way to encourage people to thank a soldier not just on Veteran’s Day but whenever, you learn of their service to our great nation.

Simona Womack is a student at UWG studying for a Masters in Teaching with a concentration in Business Education. She will graduate in December.




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