UWG Student Walks Atlanta Fashion Show

Everything is lights, cameras and runway for debuting model, Kyndall Curry. She had the opportunity to be a part of the Winter Collection Fashion show on Jan. 20 at The Bassmint Studios in Atlanta, Ga. Roy Williams Jr. and Lexy Gray hosted the event to increase exposure for social media influencers and models.

Curry has been modeling since 2021. 

“All my life, I had long legs and a pretty face,” said Curry. “A lot of people told me I should model. Of course I didn’t see it, but when I got to college and saw there was a modeling club, I thought it would be fun to try it out. Then a beautiful model outside of the club named Cleo helped me perfect my runway walk and helped me get into more shows in Atlanta. After that I just networked from there.”

The Winter Collection called for models on social media for their upcoming fashion show. Curry heard from her brother that the event was happening and he recommended that she should try it out.

“I attended the practices and found out that some people were from the University of West Georgia and thought that it would be an even greater opportunity to be a part of,” said Curry. “Practices were fun, I learned different ways of walking up the runway, new types of poses to use, new terminology and we even got to do a media day where we got to collaborate with some of the brands who were going to be in the show as well, so I really enjoyed it.”

During the show Curry worked alongside Instagram influencer Theowissh, who has a following of over 663 thousand.

 “I didn’t actually know they were influencers at first, but they were great spirits to be with and learn a lot from because I don’t really talk to a lot of male models, so when I do, it’s a great an experience to learn what they go through and how their walk is different from ours,” said Curry.

Along with walking in the show, Curry used the show as an opportunity to network with other models and grow her connections in the industry.  

“[The show] helped me get in touch with different designers like Corbin and Reese Alexander, so I can work with them in the future and do more photoshoots with them,” said Curry. “Even within the show I met other designers who were in the crowd and I got a lot more followers because other models were at the show as well. The experience gave me a good networking opportunity to get out there more.”

Overall, Curry was thrilled to be involved in this opportunity to help her grow and become more known in the modeling industry.

 “I had a good time,” said Curry. “My friends and family were there to support me and it was a packed event.”



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