UWG Students to Design New Product for Local Store

UWG students who are taking Retail Management with Dr. Simone Lee this fall will have the opportunity to place their chosen product on the shelves of Do Good, a new fair-trade small business opening inside of ReThread consignment store in Carrollton.  

Lee’s students have been paired in groups and have chosen a fair-trade product that they will pitch to Michael Wahl, the Do Good store owner, on Oct. 15 and 17. The chosen winners will then have their product available for purchase within the Do Good store.  

“Dr. Lee met Wahl one day while shopping in Rethread, they paired up together to come up with this great project idea for our class to be a part of,” said Amanda Friend, a class participant of this project. “I am really excited and hope he chooses my group.” 

Do Good has a fair-trade concept with an idea to help developing countries by purchasing their products which gives jobs to communities in need. Each product that is presented will also be fair trade and have an impact or mission behind it.  

Groups are given a 30-second opening to pitch their idea to Wahl, if he agrees to proceed, they will then have five minutes to give information on their product and why Wahl should choose them.  Students are encouraged to create appealing marketing materials and must come up with a social media calendar for Wahl to follow if their product is chosen. 

“We are having to come up with a marketing plan, pitch and display for our product,” said Zach Harvel, a class participant. “I am hoping I can add this to my portfolio, so I can show my abilities to my future boss.” 

Wahl has positively affected many developing countries, the main one being Haiti. Wahl has created a diaper, called DriButts, which has created healthy sanitation in many communities within Haiti and the surrounding areas. DriButts is made within Haiti and supplies women within the community a job to help support their families.  

“His diaper was a great idea and invention,” said Ashley Wilson, a class participant. “My group has chosen a product which we believe flows well with his store concept.” 

Wahl has described to the students in the class what his expectations are. He has also shared  products with the class that he will be offering at the Do Good store so that they have ideas of what products are available as fair-trade.  

“My group has chosen a product that has really made an impact on my life,” said Stephen McCrary, a class participant. “People do not understand what they are purchasing, and how the people who make it get treated, it is sad.” 

There is a launch and grand opening party planned for Oct. 22 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at ReThread store, so customers can come to check out all fair-trade products and see the item that was chosen as the winner for the Do Good store. 



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