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UWG Theater Student Kallie Yenney Directs Her Second Play

“The Arts make a bridge across this world in ways nothing else can.” A famous quote from Julie Andrews. Kallie Yanney, 22, is building her bridge into the seat of a director for the second time in her college career. She will be graduating in December of 2023.

Yenney has been acting since high school and was in “Heathers” and the “Veri**zon show” here at University of West Georgia. She has participated in the Fringe festival play called “Destinations and Tableaus.” 

“With acting, you have freedom of one character to discover who that is while also making the director’s vision come to life,” said Yenney. “With directing you are focusing on each character to tell a story as well as every aspect of the theater; the lights, the sound, the set; directors have to have hands in each aspect.”  

Yenney is a senior Theater major in our School of Arts and Humanities. She has big aspirations for herself when she graduates next year.

“I want to gain an internship or an apprenticeship in a different state after graduation,” said Yenney. “It would be wonderful to be in the mountains while working side-by-side with another director. I plan to act on the side as well.” 

The play that Yenney will be directing is called a cabaret. This type of play involves both combinations of scenes and songs.

“I am partnering with the opera class to create the Cabaret,” said Yenney. “Dr. Neely is helping assemble the songs for the Cabaret. Dr. Neely, Amy Cuomo and I will choose the scenes and create a theme for the play.”

For the Fall semester, a popular comedy show called “The Play That Goes Wrong” will begin showing Sept. 28. This play encompasses Murphy’s law and brings it to life. 

“If it can go wrong, it will,” said Yenney. 

  For a more dramatic option, the company will be putting on “Fahrenheit 451.” This is directed by Shelly Elmen. It is a thought provoking show that will have you on the edge of your seat. 

In the Spring, the company will be putting on “Into the Continuum.” This play will be directed by Johnathan Kit. 

“It is a beautiful piece,” said Yenney. 

  Yenney’s Episodes will be showing in March at the Townsend Center after the completion of “Into the Continuum.” 

  Auditions for “Cabaret” will begin at the end of November and early December. If you are interested in auditioning for any of the shows, the days for auditions will be uploaded on the UWG Theater website. 

“For any upcoming directors or actors, always take advice and not criticism. The criticism will tear you down,” said Yenney. “Don’t be afraid to try new things and be open to the possibilities.” 



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