UWG throws major shade

Shade Structure Rendering (Breedlove Love Planning)
Photo Credit: Breedlove Land Planning, Inc.

Students at the University of West Georgia (UWG) will soon have it made in the shade with the recent commencement of construction on the Campus Center Plaza Shade Structure facing Love Valley. University officials hope the structure will allow student organizations more opportunities for outdoor activities and serve as a place for students to relax and socialize on campus.

“The whole intent for the project was to have more outdoor programming space,” said Seth Lambert, project manager at UWG’s Planning & Construction Services. “There are a lot of events held outside around that area so the main goal is to provide shade during those events, and also to help overflow from events in the [Campus Center] Ballrooms.”

Construction for the new structure began early last week. Local contracting firm Latimer & Hughes has been contracted to complete the project, estimating the cost to be around $332,200, which includes the cost of the audio technology, furniture and color-changing LED lights.

Currently the construction team is in the process of removing the previously installed bricks, and following the demolition they will move into the pouring of the concrete base for the structure. Agate shaped in the likeness of the UWG flame will be placed in the center of the concrete base. During the construction process, Planning & Construction Services will serve as “the liaison between the campus client and the architect, engineers and general contractors” and will oversee everything from start to finish.

Lambert compares the new shade structure to the Amp on Adamson Square, but on a smaller scale that will fit the university’s needs. Fabric sails will hang and provide the shade and steel cables will support them from post to post. The structure is planned to be a total of 4,600 sq. ft. and will be equipped with seating and electrical functionality, providing an ideal leisure area for the student body.

“[The Shade Structure] is mainly for programming needs, but all other times it will be open and available to anyone on campus,” explained Lambert.

The Campus Center Plaza Shade Structure is scheduled for completion before students return from the winter holidays in January 2016.



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