UWG’s Job Market Flourishes: Everyone’s Hiring

Working on campus can provide students with great opportunities, but positions are filling quickly. UWG offers student employment ranging from entry-level to post-graduate positions. 

Many students find that working on campus is convenient while juggling classes due to the flexible scheduling and limited hours. Student employees are only scheduled 20 hours a week at the most, because of strict UWG policy. This is to help ensure that students have time for their classes.   

The limited hours policy can also benefit students wanting to work more than 20 hours a week. Sydney Goad is a senior at UWG and a great example of this. Goad works for UREC during the week around her class schedule and then works later nights as a waitress on the weekends.  

There are jobs offered within every academic major, so it is a great way to learn more about the field that students are interested in. It is possible to gain practical, and career-related experience and get paid to do so. On-campus jobs often provide pay raises to students based on employment duration or provide opportunities for progression in their position. 

In addition to the academic and financial benefits of working on campus, it is a way to meet other students and become more involved at UWG. Working on campus allows students to spend time with peers who have the same interests as them, and learn from students who are further along in their journey at UWG. 

Students work at computers. Image courtesy UWG Photography.

“Working a student job offers an opportunity to build a professional network and increases the opportunity to meet new friends,” said Mary Beth Phillips, Student Employment Specialist for the University. 

The semester just started so many positions are open, but students who are interested should act quickly. Departments/ Locations with open positions include: 


  • The Athletic Department 
  • The Biology Department 
  • The Biology Department 
  • The Townsend Center 
  • The Coliseum 
  • Food Services 
  • Wolf Internet Radio 
  • University Recreation (UREC) 
  • The History Department 
  • The Geosciences Department 
  • The Center for Academic Success 
  • Housing and Residence Life 
  • The Admissions Department 
  • The Survey Research Center 
  • The Theatre Department 
  • The Physics Department 
  • University Communications & Marketing 
  • The Dean’s Office 
  • Alumni Relations 
  • The Department of Computer Science 
  • Human Resources 
  • Early Childhood 


If you are interested in any of these positions, you can go to https://jobs.westga.edu/postings or https://www.westga.edu/studentemployment and click on “Students.”   

There is an easy to navigate portal that allows students to view, bookmark and apply to positions that are looking to be filled.  

Students can also visit the Department of Career Services, located in Row Hall, for more information 



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