Villa Rica gets a new present

A new Goodwill store opened in Villa Rica, GA, on Oct. 15, 2019 and is located on the Carrollton Villa Rica Highway. This Goodwill feature a new drive-thru where you can drop off clothing donations and has a career center as well. Goodwill now has a total of 14 stores across their 50-county territory that covers parts of West Georgia and East Alabama. Goodwill sees this as an exciting opportunity to expand their stores and to help others in the community.  

Many people were involved in taking on this ambitious project such as Julie Bennett, Communications Director of Goodwill. Bennett has been with Goodwill for eight years. Her team put up much of the signage, branding and advertisement for this new Goodwill location. 

Photo Credit: Allison Lee

Since Goodwill has done well in surrounding locations such as Carrollton, the company thought that Villa Rica would be an ideal location. Goodwill has had this project in the works for about two years and has carefully negotiated about how this new store should be brought into Villa Rica. 

“We look at the availability of donors when choosing a new location,” said Bennett. “We know convenience is important to our customers.” 

This new Goodwill will be on the outer edge of Villa Rica, but close enough to the city to fulfill this expectation. Goodwill does offer several services to the public which include donations, career services and job opportunities. This ensures that Goodwill is taking from the community and giving back. Goodwill primarily takes clothing donations, but they also take donations of home decor, jewelry, small appliances and furniture. Goodwill brings in and sells out different kinds of merchandise every day which allows their selections to swap out rather frequently.  

Goodwill provides employment readiness training, educational assistance, skill workshops and computer access as some of the many options they have in its career center. There are several companies that hire people through Goodwill and many jobs available at Goodwill itself. It also works with local restaurants, the department of corrections and even police departments to find the best jobs for certain individuals. This new location in Villa Rica will have 15 jobs available for the Goodwill staff. 

 “I think our goal is to help people move out of poverty and become self-sufficient,” said Bennett. “I think that is an amazing goal for any organization.”  

When purchasing items at Goodwill, all of the proceeds contribute to its career centers. Anyone can come in for free and acquire all sorts of career skills and services. This is a vital resource for some and a wonderful place to find almost anything for a decent price. Goodwill truly focuses on aiding people in their struggles and teaching them to become better individuals for themselves.  



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