WOLF Sports Radio Network Packs a Punch for Media Day

Media Day 2023 is almost here, and WOLF Sports Radio Network is ready to showcase everything they have to offer.

Douglas Salter

Media Day 2023 is almost here, and WOLF Sports Radio Network is ready to showcase everything they have to offer. WOLF Sports Radio Network is part of the University of West Georgia radio team. They put out a variety of shows and podcasts including UWG sports and sports from around the world.

“WOLF Sports Radio Network is going to have a great presence at Media Day 2023,” said Director of WOLF Sports Radio Network Brenden Willoughby-Ray. “Everyone will be able to meet the staff and will also be able to discover what makes our station so special. We also plan to showcase a little bit of what we do.”

The entire WOLF Sports Radio Network team plans to display shows that they often put out all the time on WOLF Sports Radio Network.

“You’ll see different personalities from popular WOLF Sports Radio Network shows and podcasts such as Sports Pack, Sports Outta Pocket and Tea Time at Media Day 2023,” said Willoughby-Ray.

Founded by Dr. Brad Yates in 2009, the network envisions a comprehensive experiential learning lab in radio for students. They value management, student leadership, achievement, caring, collaboration, inclusiveness, innovation, integrity, sustainability, and wisdom, which are all evident in their content.

WOLF Sports Radio Network’s overall goalfor Media Day 2023 is to promote the station, as well as showcase all of their different members on staff. 

“We will be set up for the majority of the event promoting WOLF Sports Radio Network and WOLF Radio in general,” said Willoughby-Ray.“A collection of personalities from the station will be there.”

Media Day in general is a great way to meet people and enhance networking skills. Willoughby-Ray is not only looking forward to displaying his work, but he is also looking forward to the event as a whole.

“I am looking forward to media day not only to network and connect with friends, colleagues, and peers,” said Willoughby-Ray.

Media Day offers the chance for students to share their own content and skills with the broader local community.

“I also aspire to make new connections and inspire others to find their passion in sports media, as I did. Media Day is an incredible opportunity to forge amazing careers and I can’t wait to see it happen firsthand.”

WOLF Sports Network content can be explored on their instagram @wolfsportsnetwork and their website wolfsportsnetwork.com.



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