Photo Credit: Anndrea Ours

WOLFstock draws big crowd

Photo Credit: Anndrea Ours
Photo Credit: Anndrea Ours

People lined the Campus Center patio, halls and ballroom to get a taste of the WOLFstock festivities. The smell of barbeque lingered outside while students played Cornhole trying to win prizes. Inside the ballroom, students played Mario Cart and Super Smash Brothers on the N64s while others played Plinko trying to win prizes, but everyone listened to and enjoyed the live music.

WOLFstock is the annual celebration of the founding of The WOLF Internet Radio.

“This year was the sixth anniversary of the founding of The WOLF,” said Sarah Sulski, promotions director for The WOLF Internet Radio.

WOLFStock is still a young event but there are many more years to come for The WOLF and its success.

As the festivities continued, more people filled up the empty spaces until the Campus Center was bustling with giddy guests.

Photo Credit: Anndrea Ours
Photo Credit: Anndrea Ours

“Usually around five hundred people show up,” said Kayla Morris, the social media director for The WOLF Internet Radio, “Our goal is to have around one thousand people come.”

Moran Tha Man, the opening DJ who works for the local station Power 96.1 and was once a student at UWG got the crowd moving even more. People began dancing and girls snapped selfies with him while he performed.

Following Moran Tha Man, local talents such as Belle Rousse, DJ Diamond, Hannah Washington, BLT Band and Paris Luna entertained the large crowd with their tunes. Hero The Band, a group composed of 4 brothers, was greatly anticipated. They are to appear on the upcoming season of America’s Got Talent.

Unfortunate no-shows were performers Trey Teem and The Founders, but that did not deterred the fans from having a great time.

WOLFstock 2016 brought many students together in an environment full of good vibes and great music, next year will be highly anticipated and will bring even more talented performers and good times.



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