WOLFSwap Promotes Sustainability Through Spring Cleaning

The campus center held the first ever WOLFSwap, an event hosted by the EcoLeaders and Scientific Wolves of Tomorrow (SWOT), both organizations focus on sustainability in the environment and the community. 

 SWOT is a new organization that strives to care for its environment and its community through science. EcoLoeaders however, is not a new organization on campus, it was reestablished in 2016 by Professor Ashley Dycus who is the current faculty advisor. With the help of a few of her students, their goal was to bring awareness on campus.  

 “EcoLeaders is a student organization on campus and nationally that is devoted to promoting sustainable practices on campus and in the community,” said Dycus.  

 The organization has been part of other events like UWG’s RecycleMania and Safe Treat for the last two years. The two clubs came together to host a clothing swap that was open to the public. At the event, anyone who had clothes to give away could bring them in exchange for other clothes or nothing at all. Any size, any gender, any and everything was welcome.  

 “We wanted to encourage students to shop sustainably, instead of going out and buying new things at TJMaxx or Ross by encouraging them to swap with fellow classmates or faculty,” said Dycus. 

 The amount of waste produced yearly by the United States is the highest compared to other nations in the world.  

 As Earth Week approaches it is important to keep in mind that living sustainable is something students can incorporate in their daily lives. Going to events like this not only help save money but help students downsize.  

 “This helps to avoid having excess in our closets that wind up at Goodwill that is then shipped overseas and causing issues of pollution and excess resources being spent,” said Dycus. 

 In addition, all the clothes that were not collected during the swap would be donated to a local H&M clothing store. The fashion brand has recently announced that it will be collecting unwanted clothes to either be reused or recreated into textiles.  

 The turnout was a huge success. Every student that came left with something or a bag full of things. The bags, which were also provided at the event, were reusable shopping bags.  

 Students were even encouraged to use the bags to go get anything from their dorms they wanted to give away and many did.  

 Being the week after spring break the event was meant to aid in any spring cleaning faculty or students had, at least in terms of clothing. However, seeing as the event went so smoothly this time, the WOLFSwap plans to continue well into the future. 



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