Wolves wear red uniforms for first time in 19 years

Wolves silence Lions, advance to 8-0

Photo Credit: Caitlin Teknipp

The second-ranked West Georgia (UWG) Wolves dismantled the 11th-ranked North Alabama (UNA) Lions in the most significant game ever played on Ra-Lin field at University stadium, 31-10. Making West Georgia the only remaining team in the Gulf South Conference (GSC) undefeated in conference play.

After the Wolves’ win over the Lions, the team is now 8-0 on the season, and boasts a 4-0 record against Gulf South Conference (GSC) opponents thus far. The Wolves have not only beaten their rivals, but have done it in convincing fashion, winning all four conference match-ups by an average of 20 points.

Their 8-0 record is enough to be called the best start since 2000. To go along with that the Wolves are expected to take control of the No. 1 ranking in the nation. Solidifying this group’s label as best team in school history.

“That’s what we came here for,” Coach Will Hall said. “We want to be the best, the rankings are not my goal, but I love to see the players get the recognition because they deserve it.”

Dallas Dickey and Devontae Jackson received some recognition after their performances in the rushing attack. The two combined for 295 yards, two touchdowns and were a part of an offensive unit that smothered the UNA defense, racking up over 30 minutes of play.

“Well, you break one tackle against man-to-man coverage and you’re pretty much out in the open,” Dickey said. “So on some plays we took advantage and on the zone looks the ends were forced to take the backs, and a lot of thanks to the offensive line, they established dominance early too.”

Devontae Jackson, the third running back to register a 100-yard rushing performance this season, 150 yards to be exact, helped the team in a massive way.

“It’s exciting, my first game going over 100 yards,” Jackson said “During the week I practiced hard on trying to make big plays, focusing on making the first man miss.”

The Wolves had some trouble executing early in the game, an interception in the red zone ended their first drive and never struggled again. But even though much of the credit for the win will go to the offensive attack and it’s two 100-yard rushers. The Wolves’ impressive performance against UNA owes itself to the defensive unit.

UWG held UNA, who is averaging 35.9 points per game, to a 10-point outing was impressive on it’s own. But this highly potent offense also took four trips to the red zone, and only actually scored on two attempts with a field goal and a touchdown.

Dylan Donahue, the Wolves’ sack leader gave some added intensity with his two-sack total on the day. The defensive leader anticipated confronting the Lions’ offensive front with hostility, as did the entire defense. And the Lions struggled; they were 28 percent on 3rd down and limited to a single touchdown.

“I want to hand off the credit to our inside guys like Jason Carr, Marrion Holmes, and Alex Armah, we knew coming into this game that it would be trench warfare throughout,” Donahue explained. “We just wanted to establish dominance from the get go, we weren’t worried, we felt we would stop them.”

The team has enormous confidence in itself after trampling its toughest competition of the regular season schedule. The Wolves still have three games remaining this season, and are looking to remain dominant while trying to grasp a championship post-season.

“We have goals, and our goals are still alive through eight weeks of the season,” Hall said. “We’ve got three more conference games, we win those, and we’re conference champions. And will possibly play our playoff games here in Carrollton. That’s what we want.”



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