Photo Credit: Rachel Wise

Zombies Run with the Wolves

Photo Credit: Rachel Wise
Photo Credit: Rachel Wise

There was a zombie invasion in UWG’s Love Valley on October 23 and it could not have been more fun. The Pi Nu Nursing Honor Society sponsored the Zombie Challenge, and helped participants know what items are needed in a disaster preparation kit. A few items included food, water and first aid supplies. During the challenge, humans had to have all the items in their kit before they boarded a “helicopter” that flew them to safety. Each human had six flags that the zombies tried to steal. When they stole all six flags from a human, that human was dead.

The route of the Zombie Challenge consisted of 12 tables that contained the items needed for the kits. After all items were collected, humans proceeded to the helicopter site.

The Zombies were ready and looked extra dead thanks to assistance from Alpha Psi Omega, a Theatre Honor Fraternity, and the Theatre department. Theatre professor Brad Darvas led a Zombie makeup tutorial the Monday before the challenge to prepare students for the event. While the pale and decaying skin was perfect, the icing on the cake was the fake blood splattered and smeared on the fresh zombies. That final touch gave them the motivation they needed to slowly chase their potential victims.

According to Clinical Instructor and head of the Zombie Challenge, Diane Wise, zombies are the trending monsters of the season.

“Zombies are the ‘current growing thing’ that gathers attention and interest,” she said. “October is the month of Halloween, a real zombie holiday. And it’s just a fun way to dress up and play.”

Days before the event, Wise said the turnout was “unpredictable.”

“No matter how many, or how few participate, we will have fun with who does come and will learn how to make it better next year.”

The run had a decent turnout with willing participants who enjoyed the thrill of a well- planned disaster. Humans were eager and ready to be chased, while zombies were hungry and prepared for a decent meal. Wise hopes the Zombie challenge will become an annual event that the UWG campus will be noted for.

This event was a great way to get out and enjoy the zombie season on campus. If you missed it this year, be sure to sign up next year and start working on your cardio because this is definitely something to experience. Hopefully, more than once…if you survive.



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