2012 Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Show Hosted at the Georgia International Convention Center

On Oct. 7 Taliah Waajid, a hair product production company dedicated mostly to natural hair, hosted their fifteenth annual natural hair show at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta. The hair show, which has hosted shows with as many as 35,000 attendees and has succeeded in breaking its own record year after year, brought in both small and big name vendors to this year’s event.

In addition to selling and informing event goers on natural hair products, there were also live demos where women could actually get their hair done as people walked around and watched what products and tools the artists used. “I’m glad my friends made me come,” said one current UWG senior. “I didn’t buy my ticket online until the last five minutes before the deadline.”

Taliah Waajid, one of the leading natural hair brands, has hosted this show two times a year both in the spring and fall for the past 15 years. Naturals from all around the US have been known to come, some travelling from as far as California. Some naturals come in hopes of seeing their YouTube natural hair idols such as Nikki Mae, YouTube natural hair vlogger, and Myleik Teele, founder and CEO of curlBOX, a highly successful subscription box dedicated solely to natural hair and fashion. Both Mae and Teele are Atlanta residents, and local natural hair enthusiasts hope to catch a glimpse of them at these events.  Teele was in attendance at this year’s fall hair show, stopping briefly to take pictures with fans and to chat. “I’m just here checking the show out,” said Teele before taking a picture with two curlBOX fans. “I like to come for the earrings!”

The hair show officially started on Saturday, Oct. 6 from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. that night and kept to those same times for Sunday.  The convention center wasn’t as crowded around 11 a.m., leaving a lot more room to view demos and browse before you buy. However as soon as the afternoon hit, the crowds were fierce. One vender that was selling huge tubs of EcoStyler styling gel, an all-natural gel usually made with argan and olive oil, urged passerby’s to grab them before the rush got in. “The church crowd will be here soon… you should get your tubs now before we sell out.”

Even though the natural hair show lasts for two days, Saturday being the actual hair and fashion show and Sunday being a day more dedicated to the people coming to buy products, people that have frequented the events say that Sunday is the best day. Cydney Avery, a former UWG student who attended the spring natural hair show said that Sunday is the best day to go, “Sunday is when the event ends, so they have to get rid of everything,” stated Avery, “You’re more likely to get the best deals then.”

Taliah Waajid will be hosting another natural hair show in April of 2013 at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta. Tickets are $10 to attend for the day with general admission. You can get more information on ticket prices, vendors, and seminars at www.naturalhairshow.org



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