Emory promotes egg donation

The taboo subject of men and women donating sperm or eggs has been slowly coming out of the shadows the past few years. Anyone can hear the radio advertisements for egg donation while driving in the car or while listening to Pandora. Most people might not even pay close attention to the advertisement until they hear about the thousands of dollars paid for a donation. Emory Healthcare of Atlanta offers $6,000 upon retrieval of eggs. On average, a sperm donor can be paid up to $1,000 per month. Despite the money, the qualifications for becoming an egg or sperm donor are highly selective.

To qualify to be an egg donor, a female needs to meet quite a few requirements. According to the Egg Donation Inc., a potential donor must be between the ages of 21 to 30. The Sperm Bank Directory requires that a potential donor be between the ages of 18 to 44. Egg donors must have proportionate weight and height so that they can respond to the medication. For sperm donors, the average height required is 5 feet 8 inches. Sperm donors also require a 6-month to 1-year commitment. Besides age and height, there are a list of health concerns to consider.

Future donors have to be healthy individuals. Emory Healthcare of Atlanta also requires that women must be non-smokers and have received no tattoos or piercings within the past year. Emory also requires that a potential egg donor must not have lived in Europe for more than five years. Both egg and sperm donors also have to pass a drug screening. Requirements for sperm donors are similar to egg donors. One requirement for sperm donors is that he has or is in the process of completing his post-secondary education.

Another requirement for women donating their eggs is a psychological consultation. The psychologist will then make certain that the possible candidates are emotionally ready for the job as a donor. Potential sperm donors have to go through a screening and STD testing process before being accepted. Both egg and sperm donors also have to complete medical evaluations and genetic consultations. Only after all of this will the donors be screened and accepted to start the process. Egg donors will receive payment after the retrieval of eggs. Sperm donors will usually be paid monthly after their donation.

Becoming an egg or sperm donor is a highly selective process that requires many steps. Even though there is a strict list of requirements, there are still many people that will qualify as a potential donor. The requirements for egg and sperm donation are very similar despite the difference in price range. Thanks to the advertisements, especially the radio’s, the once unmentionable topic of egg or sperm donation has received awareness and great interest.



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