A Man, A Woman, and A Computer

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The romantic, sci-fi film Her, staring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson, was released Jan. 10 in the United States. The film is about a man who has lost hope in relationships but finds himself and how to love again with the help of his newest friend, Samantha. Her starts out introducing Joaquin Phoenix’s character, Theodore Twombly, a writer working for a handwritten card and letter corporation. The movie is set the future shown by the technology at hand and the city that he lives in.  The town is represented as very dull and industrial, matching his mood in the start of the movie. Twombly, a recent divorcee, is in a low place in his life and has shut out the world. Twombly spends his time playing video games and being a homebody, despite his friends’ efforts trying to set him up on dates and to just get him out of the house, It is only until he meets the newest technology, operating system one or OS1, that his outlook on life begins to change.

OS1 is the newest and first artificially intelligent operating system with the advertisement, “It’s not just an operating system, it’s a consciousness,” drawing in Twombly. When OS1 downloads, it is created to cater to the owner personally; it is creating someone who knows you better than you know yourself.  It asks its owner a serious of questions to pair he or she with the correct operating system ensuring one that fits his or her needs. In Twombly’s case, it created Samantha, the voice Scarlett Johansson, and his newest love.

The movie continues and the audience watches  the scenery change from dull grays to color and nature being brought into the film as Twombly and Samantha fall deeper in love. The viewer comes to find out the OS1 girlfriends and boyfriends are a trending thing and that he is not alone. The movie slowly builds with their relationship and shows how Samantha learns to feel pain and love even though those things are not coded into her programming. Samantha pushes Twombly to get out of his depression and travel. Twombly begins to put himself back out there and does not feel depressed anymore.

Her was overall a good film but would not be a movie I would recommend to a friend. The acting was amazing and the way the director shot the film and used visual elements to show that Twombly is growing and changing was magnificent, but it is a very slow and long film. The run time only being 126 minutes seemed to drag on as if it would never end. Do not expect to be impressed by this film, just simply surprised.

The rating of ‘R’ is very accurate in that there is a lot of sexual content and language, at some points a little too much of both. I was very surprised of how the film ended, one of the only reasons I would consider watching it again, and like most everyone in the theatre, slightly confused and disappointed.

Her was a film I was very excited about seeing and was very disappointed. I would give this film a 2.5 out of 5 rating and highly suggest for those who do want to see this film to wait until it is out in Redbox.



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