Around the World in One Night

On Feb. 6, International Night took place at the Z-6 Cafeteria. This year, over 50 countries shared their cultural dishes and cuisines with UWG students.

International Night was a blast. I got a chance to taste a variety of food from places like Kenya, Columbia, France, India, China and Germany just to name a few. All the food I ate tasted delicious. My favorite dish of the night was the nachos. I loved the cheese, pulled pork and salsa. I also enjoyed the fashion show and performances that took place as well.

However, there were some small bumps in the road that I experienced during International Night. Therefore, I would like to share some helpful tips of what to do and what not to do during International Night.

For one, don’t go by yourself. International Night is a cool opportunity to invite family and friends with you to try new dishes from many different places. No one wants to experience that alone. It is not as exciting as it would be if you went with a good buddy. So, be sure to ask a friend to go to International Night with you. Just be sure to ask them ahead of time and not at the last minute.

If you don’t like waiting in long lines, then I would suggest getting there early. No one likes to wait five minutes in a line that never moves. If you want to be the first to taste everything when the doors open, purchase your ticket beforehand and arrive about twenty to thirty minutes early.

Try to fit as much food on your plate as you can. If you have an inch of room left on your plate for more pasta, then go for it. You don’t want to sit down and eat only to get back in line and find out that a station you wanted to try is closed.

The last thing I would mention is to ask what food you are selecting. It would be terrible to not know what you are eating. You don’t want to feel like you are munching on mystery meat. So, don’t be embarrassed to ask about a type of food before it goes on your plate, especially if you are allergic to anything.

After all the eating and drinking, it was time for the fashion show and performances.  It was the highlight of the evening to me. I would only suggest finding a good seat, especially if you want to see all the singers and dancers. If you are short like me, then try to find a seat near the front of the room.

Also, get there early. You don’t want to be the only one upstairs eating while everyone else is downstairs in the lower level part of the Z. The last one there would probably have to take a seat in the back and that isn’t fun for anyone.

Overall, I really enjoyed myself at International Night and I hope these few tips will help you maneuver the excitement of the event if you ever plan to go. It is worth trying at least once. I don’t think you will regret it.



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