Artist of the Week: Ahmad Manson


Rhythmically equipped with creative metaphorical lyrics, Ahmad Manson, also known as Pro, is a deep south Georgia peach ready to share with the world all he has. Rapping from the age of seven, he was influenced by some of the greatest artists of the 1990s such as Tupac, Biggie, Missy Elliot and Snoop Dog. At the age of eight, Pro had his first studio session where he recorded the song “Can’t Stop Loving you” and at age 12, he had an opportunity to create his first five-song demo.  Raised and supported by his dad, oldest brother and cousins, Pro graduated from the University of West Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and a minor in art. During his undergraduate career, Pro had an opportunity to develop his writing and speaking skills by participating in organizations such as Free Verse and Versatile. He is currently in graduate school here at the University of West Georgia, where he is continuing his education to receive a master’s degree in business administration.

In addition to Pro’s passion and education, his greatest motivation behind his work has always been his family. The history of his family has helped Pro develop strength and dedication.

“My style is what I call progressive hip hop. I figure the more I strive to progress and become a better man, the more it will reflect in my lyric and music,” Pro said. His love for his family has pushed him to never stop believing in his craft and has taught him to be the best that he can be. With great enthusiasm and ambition, he has created his own world of rap where he has experimented with his style in performances at Apache Café on Sundays and Tuesdays to using animations and odd sounds in his recordings.

His first album, “Shut the Club Down,” released in 2010, displayed his versatility in subject, genre and creativity.  In this album, Pro partnered with his producers, The Hittsmiths, to express their love of life by motivating their fans to stay inspired through their creative high energy musicianship. Coupled with his music, Pro’s performances have made a great impact on his audience. Embraced with loads of energy, emotive sensual beats and artistic surprises, Pro’s only mission is to entertain and inform his fans.

“I usually start off with an attention getter for the crowd. Usually afterwards I go into my first single. Another attention getter, then the second single, said Pro. “Shows vary depending on the venue and if my band is with me.”

Pro said that some of the obstacles of being a rapper, such as patience, handling money and education, has not only become a challenge, but has taught him responsibility. His consistent shows at Apache Café have helped him build his networking and influenced him to become aware of what business is in the music industry. He is currently shooting his next music video to his second single, “Picture Perfect,” and asks that everyone check out his website, In short, he motivates his peers who aspire to be a rapper with a motto he faithfully lives by: “Never stop grinding. Be the best business person you can be. Stay creative and gifted. Be patient and know your worth. Keep rapping!”



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