BCS Breakdown

It seems there has never been a better time for a Bowl Championship Series (BCS) tournament than the present.  With the top four teams in college football being undefeated, each can make a very strong case for deserving a shot at the national title.  The BCS has been described as one of the most unfair systems in major college sports.  Based on computer calculations and coaches polls, many argue that the rankings are unfair to some football conferences.  Fair or unfair is a matter of debate.  Fans will have to wait until 2015 for the first ever BCS tournament, which will feature the top four teams in a mini-tournament.

The Alabama Crimson Tide sits atop the rankings, and rightly so.  The Tide won last year’s National Championship in a massacre against Louisiana State University (LSU).  They have since gone through their 2012 schedule undefeated as of last week.  Alabama travelled to LSU in what was a rematch of last year’s BCS championship game and defeated the Tigers 21-17.  The win marks the first time LSU has lost a home-game in its 22 home-game appearances.  Alabama’s dominant defense is its strongest asset, although the Tide’s offense features likely Heisman Trophy candidate A.J. McCarron at the helm of its powerful offense.  The Crimson Tide will likely face the fifth ranked Georgia Bulldogs in the Southeastern Conference Championship.  Should they win; the Tide will be a shoe-in the BCS title game.

The Kansas State Wildcats took the number two spot, making it the highest ranking the Wildcats have ever earned in the BCS.  KSU is still undefeated and has defeated four currently-ranked opponents in the BCS rankings.  Their offense is led by Heisman Trophy front-runner Collin Klein.  KSU faces its toughest challenge yet as Klein will stay on the sidelines this week due to injury while the Wildcats enter into a matchup against Texas Christian University.

The rankings have the Oregon State Ducks posted as the third best team in the country.  The Ducks earned a spot in the 2010 National Championship but suffered a narrow loss to the Auburn University Tigers.  Oregon’s offense, which one of the best in college football, works at blistering speed to stun opponents and outscore them.  The Duck’s last two opponents will prove to be a test of its resilience as it faces Stanford and Oregon State, both of which are currently ranked in the top 15 of the BCS rankings.

At number four sits one of the most famous programs in the history of college football, The Notre Dame Fighting Irish.  After narrowly escaping an upset against an unranked Pittsburgh in triple overtime, the Irish managed to keep their national championship hopes alive.  Notre Dame will face the University of Southern California Trojans in its final game of the season.  With a win against the Trojans, the Irish can only hope that the BCS rankings play into their favor and place them in the top two BCS slots.



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