Becoming UWG: A Five-Year Plan For Future Success

UWG has now started the strategic plan of “Becoming UWG” led by President Brendan Kelly in hopes of transforming the institution into a first-choice university. It is a five-year plan consisting of three types of priorities that will help strengthen the core value of the school, which are relevance, competitiveness and placemaking.

UWG had a wide variety of leaders go out, engage with people and host over a hundred different discovery sessions based around what the school needs to become in order to best serve its students. In accordance with a study led by Gallup and Perdue, many college graduates can affirm to the fact their school did not help them on both a personal and educational level.

According to the new plan on the UWG website, the primary goal of the university is making sure to “offer high quality education, student development and continuing education; to conduct research and creative activities and to provide services that enhance the intellectual, cultural, environmental and economic development of the metropolitan region.”

As a result of the study conducted by the UWG community, updates to existing programs will be taking place. These updates are aimed specifically to engage the 21st century students as they will become the future of UWG.

“I have been involved in this type of process with strategic plans in multiple organizations, but never has it been executed as well as what I believe we have accomplished at West Georgia,” said Kelly.

Over the past few semesters UWG has lacked the feeling of connectedness and belonging since times have felt uncertain and unsafe with COVID-19. Therefore, Kelly along with other team members have been working hard to restore a unified front for the students at this school.

“It is important to make sure to provide our students with first class opportunities,” said Kelly. “We lost community since students have been locked away in their dorms.”

Support is one of the biggest factors when it comes to building the foundation of a successful college experience and future career. It benefits in many ways such as to help reduce stress and outline strengths and weaknesses. A Gallup and Perdue study has shown the importance of support.

“Gallup and Perdue University may have done the most intensive research,” said Kelly. “Almost all of 30,000 college graduates arrived at the same conclusion that support, and experience were everything.”

UWG will be implementing all of this information in its plan to become a first-choice university within the next five years.



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