BikeShare with UWG

bikewest“Bike West” has been the new mantra for UWG since the debut of the bike lane that circles the campus and the completion of the 16-mile GreenBelt, the largest paved loop trail in the state of Georgia, that winds throughout the city of Carrollton at the beginning of the last academic year.

In addition, the University Recreation Center, through the outdoor sector, offers a bike rental program where students can rent a variety of bicycles, along with helmets, at their leisure for a small price. However, in recent works, Auxiliary Services has ignited a new bike rental initiative titled The Community BikeShare Program.

“It’s a good way to get the community together,” said student leader JaSia Lovelace. “People that aren’t students, nor have access to a bike, now have that option.”

Pairing with the community, the Wolve’s Card Office is bringing six refurbished bikes from the University Police Department to this program. Those same refurbished bikes and more will be available at 10 different stations around campus, the Carrollton community and along the Greenbelt, for free checkout for students, faculty and staff.

The campus locations where rentals will be available will be at Watson Hall and across from Murphy Hall.

Students, faculty and staff can use their campus identification to check out a bike free for the first hour. If the renter would like the bike longer than the allotted hour, a small fee charged from a debit or credit card will be needed.

Putting emphasis on “going green” and new technology, all 10 bike stations will be solar powered and will rely on cellular communication devices, like the average smart phone.

“Honestly, I’m all for it,” said University Recreation Facilities Manager Michael O’neal. “This new bike program will promote physical fitness for children to be more active. This generation is full of new technology.”

Zagster, whose slogan is “Bike share for everyone,” is the company that helps make this dream come true for the community. Originating in Philadelphia, Pa., the city of brotherly love, they cater to other cities and properties, such as apartments and different neighborhoods.

The bike share company has already installed similar programs at Cornell University, Columbia University and Dartmouth.

Formerly known as CityRyde, Zagster paired with ZipBike, parallel to the well-known ZipCar program, to create this phenomenal bike share program that has become a huge hit across the country. Due to the diligent work towards the launch at the end of this month, this program has been kept under tight wraps.

“The Community BikeShare Program in not yet in place,” said Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services Mike Reeves. “We plan to have this program communicated through UWG Marketing and Communications.”

This new bike rental program has sparked amazing energy in the community, and people have nothing but good words to say about it.

Compiling the bike lane, the GreenBelt and on campus bike rentals, a healthier and more fit Carrollton is in the near future, and the city of Carrollton will have another reason to “Bike West.”



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