bluestone’s Social Media Campaign raises awareness for Media Day

UWG’s bluestone Public Relations firm is utilizing social media through its first Social Media Campaign. The student-run public relations firm is creating awareness about Media Day, taking place March 2nd in the Campus Center Ballroom.

bluestone is utilizing the hashtag #UWGMediaDay2k16 and the “I am a Product of Media Day” campaign to promote Media Day. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are being used to help spread the word, allowing students to get in contact with various social media outlets.

“Social media is the way to go nowadays,” said Corey Gaines, a bluestone associate. “That’s why we chose to do the campaign through social media. If we continue to do this in the future, it will grow and expand. We built the foundation this semester, and we’ll have to keep building on it to create a bigger audience that will attract more people.”

bluestone created the “I am a Product of Media Day” campaign as an incentive to get more people involved. It began on Facebook and featured video testimonies of people who went to Media Day and benefitted from it, either by a job or internship they received, or their overall experience. In essence, it gives viewers a visual that shows how Media Day has assisted other people.

“I personally learned more from being shown success stories about Media Day than from hearing about them,” said De’Shawn Miles, a bluestone associate. “We’re putting these stories out there for students who want to see rather than be told what the success stories are and who is affected by them.”

Even though this is the first year for the Social Media Campaign, it has already has expanded from Facebook to several social media outlets and is advertising Media Day on the big-screen monitors at the Townsend Center and the Coliseum.

“We are using several flights to promote the event,” said Dr. T. Randahl Morris, Assistant Professor of Mass Communications. “We’re finding new ways to provide general information to the public. We’re using the ‘I’m a Product of Media Day’ flight. We also have a Throwback Thursday flight where we share pictures from previous Media Day events and people who attended them.”

On Monday, Feb. 29, bluestone will also have a table outside the Humanities building to talk to students about Media Day. The group will be a one-on-one interaction where students can receive advice about Media Day. Everyone will be dressed professionally to offer a visual refresher of what to wear to Media Day. The table will be there from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

bluestone will be live streaming Media Day for people who cannot attend but want to experience it. The feed will be available on bluestone’s Twitter page.

“We want more interaction, and we’re seeing it,” said Courtnee Holton, a bluestone associate. “The closer it gets to Media Day, the more students are talking about it and sharing it. We’re posting more, and we’re timeline flooding to spread the word.”



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