Campus Center Keeps Students Active at Work

Students who would like an on campus job at UWG that will keep them active should look no farther than the university’s Campus Center.

Here at UWG, the Campus Center offers a wide variety of programs for students to choose from to take a stand against obesity. There is no questioning the fact that the obesity rate in the United States has increased due to the inactivity of Americans. According to the Get America Fit Foundation, “Obesity is the number two cause of preventable death in the United States.”  60 million Americans who are twenty and older are obese. Some students take full advantage to get active while working and live a healthier lifestyle.

A fun way to get active that many students don’t know about is the Club Sports Program, developed in Jan. 2012 by Brad Whittaker, Associate Director of Programs. Here, students who are focused on sports and competition can compete against other universities in a wide variety of sports such as ultimate Frisbee, equestrian and wall climbing. “I like providing opportunities for others to get active and do things to become involved,” said Whittaker.

Edward Croy, Assistant Director of Intramural Sports, has developed an online sign-up method for sports-minded students to make it easier for them to register. Croy sets up all sports leagues and orders their equipment. Students can use a website called I Am Leagues to create a profile, create teams, send mass messages and to pay online. There is a $75 fee which helps fund the official’s pay.

Croy also trains student officials who will referee at each game. “Students pay, work and learn leadership and responsibility,” Croy said. The Campus Center’s job program helps students get jobs where they can stay active.

Student Ronnie Tullis is a prime example of working while leading an active lifestyle. Tullis started working as an Intramural Referee where he received a cardio workout by running up and down the fields. Now working as the Facility Manager, he is higher in the chain-of-command, but still gets to keep moving. “As Facility Manager, I delegate tasks among people who are working and I make sure everything in the campus Center is clean and presentable,” said Tullis.  “My favorite part about my job is the networking aspect. I get to stay active and work which makes my job enjoyable. This job has opened up many opportunities.”

Another student who takes advantage of the Campus Center’s UREC program is junior Karen Clyburn.  She has been a part of a part of a flag football team for 2 years and plans to compete in the upcoming year. Each year, she signs up with her friends and they design team shirts to get active in style. “I enjoy being a part of an UREC team intramural sport because I get to hang out with my friends at practice and I get to exercise. It is very important because my health is my top priority,”said Clyburn.

If students are ready to make a life change and to get active with the Campus Center’s UREC program they can visit the Campus Center by and sign up. There is always something to help students get moving and have fun. Students can also register by going to .




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