Campus center shade structure is complete


Photo Credit: Candice Guthery
Photo Credit: Candice Guthrie

After four months of construction, the University of West Georgia Campus Center Shade Structure is finally finished. Construction for the shade structure began in early Oct. 2015 and finished in late January 2016.

The structure is intended for student events and socialization and is equipped with a new audio system and LED lights that can be utilized for night events. The structure also provides extra space for events held in the Campus Center Ballrooms to be extended outside.

The audio system was designed with quality and functionality in mind, so anyone renting out the space can play high-quality music without interference. One can even play music from a smart phone with an aux cord connected to the audio system.

In addition to the audio system and lights, the Campus Center is also planning to some form of seating under the Shade Structure.

“As part of the planning process, we identified some furniture to go out there, and we are hoping to make that purchase later in the semester or in the near future,” said T.J. Peele, Director of University Recreation (UREC). “We’re hoping [the furniture] will be more comfortable types of seating rather than something that is rigid and only short-term.”

The UWG Center for Student Involvement (CSI) is planning on renting out the space later in the spring, but nothing is confirmed yet.

“We may incorporate the shade structure during the Student Achievement Awards ceremony in April,” said Emily Teitelbaum, Assistant Director for CSI Student Events and Programs.

CSI is not the only student organization actively planning to use the space. The Student Activities Council (SAC) also plans to make use of it, although they have not specified any events yet.

“We put a high priority on making the space adaptable to multiple types of needs and even possible for multiple groups to use it at the same time,” said Peele.

Any organizations wishing to rent out the Shade Structure will need to fill out a Campus Center reservation form on the UREC website.

Peele is very happy with the construction of the Shade Structure and has high hopes for its uses in the near future.

“Hopefully [the Shade Structure] will help [the Campus Center] even more to be that center of activity and student social opportunities and contribute to the student success initiative,” said Peele.



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